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Auto Shipping for Car Collectors: Protecting Your Investment During Transport

Collector Cars Shipping

Car collectors are always on the hunt for good cars, so they’re ready at any time and price to get the car they view as a good investment and make their business ball rolling. However, for this ball to roll, collectors can’t restrict themselves to one area; rather, they must expand their circle and operate across the United States.

However, with this inevitable need for expanding, transporting cars to and from clients and sellers becomes unavoidable. So, in this article, we will spotlight some of the most effective tips for protecting a collector’s car during transport.

1.      Secure Cars in Bad Conditions in an Enclosed Trailer 

Car collectors might buy vehicles with oil leakage or dead batteries and purchase cars in very miserable conditions, viewing them as a great challenge. Vehicles of these kinds are fragile, and any damage, no matter how minor, might negatively affect them and kill any possibility of fixing and reselling them.

So, if a car collector wants to ship a car of this type, they must be extra careful and not settle for any carrier’s type; rather, they must ensure additional safety by going for an enclosed trailer.

Even though it might seem a little absurd: shipping a broken car in a sophisticated vehicle is for the collector’s benefit; they won’t have to deal with additional damages and issues.

2.      Hire a Dependable Auto Transport Company

Whether the shipped vehicle is in good or bad condition, any car collector expects high-quality service. This good service won’t be granted to any car without collaborating with a reputable, dependable company. So, one must take the time to research available auto transport companies and confirm whether they match the essential standards or not. These standards include:

  1. Registration in the FMCSA
  2. Long years of experience
  3. Fair pricing
  4. A collaborative team of customer service
  5. Advanced, sophisticated auto transport trailers

All the above criteria are found in Tempus Logix, a dependable auto transport company with over eight years of experience in the industry.

3.      Go for Door-to-door Auto Transport Service 

Some car collectors gather their cars in an inventory, while others work on a narrower scale in their house garage. However, no matter the case, car collectors must opt for the safest pickup and delivery options by going for the door-to-door shipping service.

This service ensures the car collector the most convenient and stress-free transport; they won’t need to drive a weak vehicle anywhere in dangerous circumstances. Instead, the auto transport company will handle the process from A to Z without troubling the client with any phase of the process.

4.      Properly Prepare the Car for Shipping 

Even though the auto transport company plays a crucial role in the safety of the shipped car, a client is equally responsible for their car’s safety. The clients’ part of the deal involves thoroughly preparing their investment, and that’s by washing its exterior and noting any visible issues.

This step will guarantee the client’s right to claim insurance coverage in case of an accident. Furthermore, emptying the gas tank is recommended to lower the shipping fee and minimize fire risk during transport.

In addition, all car issues might be manageable by the auto transport company; however, the leak problem harms the trailer and any other vehicles onboard. So, to avoid additional fees and ensure the safety of all the shipped vehicles, the oil leakage issue must be addressed first.

5.      Opt for the Best Deal 

Service providers in the auto transport industry rely on different factors and take many considerations for calculating their auto transport quotes. As a result, prices must differ from one company to another, with some providing high, unreasonable quotes and others providing reasonable, fair ones.

So, clients must do their homework by ordering quotes from many service providers and hiring the most reasonable after comparing them. It’s also noteworthy that many auto transport companies offer special, competitive discounts for car collectors. Thus, it’s worth the trouble to research and gather information from all available, reliable auto shipping companies.

6.      Keep an Eye on the Weather Forecast

Weather is one of the most influencing factors that might contribute to the failure or success of the shipment. Some auto transport companies postpone their trips in severe weather conditions, such as extreme heat, rain, snow, etc. In contrast, others proceed, no matter what, exposing the shipped vehicles to severe weather conditions and risks.

So, to ensure the shipped car’s safety, one must pay close attention to the weather forecast during the shipment’s day and react accordingly. Experts suggest going for an enclosed trailer during harsh weather conditions, as these trailers keep the shipped cars safe no matter the weather.


Car collectors view their cars as a very profitable investment, so they’re always hesitant to make any move that threatens their safety. Even though they might seem risky, auto transport services could go as smoothly as possible by following the tips we put together above. Car collectors must always remember that the success of the shipment is a collective effort between them and the auto transport company.

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