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Choosing Between Car Shipping or Car Towing. What’s Better?

Choosing Between Car Shipping or Car Towing. What’s Better?

Many different ways exist for moving motor vehicles other than driving them. It depends on the type of vehicle we have in mind, but shipping is usually the best choice, particularly over long distances. But there are other methods of transporting a car as well. In this article, we cover towing one’s own vehicle rather than getting it transported. The post examines various kinds of tow dollies and trailers that connect to the rear of an automobile. Anyone who wishes to use this form of transporting their vehicle can conveniently rent one and be on their way. However, not all cars are suitable for pulling, and not all automobiles are towable. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing this option. 

Car Towing with a Strap

Towing a car yourself includes one more method: using tow straps to pull it. It’s a great approach for getting stranded vehicles out of snow, mud, or ditches, but we advise against driving on the road. Plus, many states have heavy regulations for towing a car using a strap. You may find straps at automotive stores but be conscious to purchase the strap that meets your vehicle weight requirements not to face strap-functional disappointment. The towing process lies in attaching the tow strap’s hook on the reach point of the respective attachment part of the towing vehicle. If towing your car on your own, you shall expect to drive for hours to days. While if you decide to apply the shipment method, then the driving proceeds by someone else, and you do not feel additional move-stress.

The driving option will serve as a more rational choice if you move your car from state to state or the driving distance is long. 

Car Towing Methods 

Main towing methods are flatbed towing, dolly towing and flat tow bar towing. The safest towing option is flatbed towing, which supposes that the towed vehicle gets on the truck equipped with a corresponding resistant surface. The dolly towing is a comparatively cheaper option. For applying this method, you need a two-wheeled tow ramp where you attach the two front wheels of the vehicle, and it connects the tow truck on the other end thereof. In comparison to the above-said two options, the flat bow bar towing costs and operates less expensive. This method supposes all four wheels of the vehicle be on the ground within the whole ride. You need to adjust your car to make the wheels properly contacting with the ground to make it possible to apply this towing option. 

Car Towing or Car Shipping? 

Several factors are playing a significant role in deciding what vehicle-moving option is suitable for your case. In particular, if the distance is long and you are busy with implementing other related activities for your move, then shipping the car is preferable. You will save much time and energy on worrying about the safety of your vehicle throughout the whole trip as well as the tiredness effect on you, which may result from driving a long distance. You may ship your automobile by contacting a reputable auto transport company, such as Tempus Logix, that specializes in providing such services and will ensure that your vehicle arrives at its final destination on time. Thus, make sure to consider all the necessary factors potentially influencing your choice for whether to apply the towing option or the shipping one when moving and only then proceed accordingly.

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