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Door-to-Door Auto Transport vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

Door-to-Door Auto Transport vs. Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

People frequently face a dilemma when choosing the preferable option for moving their car from one place to another. Naturally, there is no black-and-white choice as each sipping option has its particular benefits and disadvantages depending on a vehicle type and drop-off location. In the following article, we will clarify the specifics of 2 shipping procedures: door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

Door-to-door auto transport mainly refers to the form of auto carriage where the trucker picks up and delivers your vehicle as close to the desired address as possible. The main advantage of door-to-door car delivery is convenience, as you get your car picked up and delivered to a specific destination without any hassle. If it’s not safe or legally possible to pick up or ship your car right to your door, you may have it delivered within a mile or two from the original destination. Since the vehicle is being picked up and delivered right at your doorstep, you can inspect the service level and ensure your car’s condition during the loading and unloading process.

Please note that the carrier may not reach the exact desired address in certain instances. Such situations can arise from various causes, such as narrow streets not customized for trucks or unconventional mountain regions. Nearby parking lots or stores can be a good alternative for the cases mentioned above.

The only drawback of door-to-door auto carriage is the relatively high price. It costs a bit more than terminal-to-terminal auto transport service, but not as much to consider it cost-prohibitive.

Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

As the name suggests, terminal-to-terminal auto transport starts and ends at a terminal. The pickup and drop-off locations are regional storage facilities for vehicles usually located near seaports, airports, and suburban areas of major metropolitan cities. Please make sure to check the exact location of the storage terminal as it can be several hundred miles away from where you stay.

For many people, terminal-to-terminal car shipping is a better choice due to its lower cost. Another advantage is schedule flexibility, as you are the one who chooses when to drop off and pick your car. However, be aware that some companies can charge you storage fees for the additional waiting time.

Additionally, consider that terminal-to-terminal auto shipping is usually more time-consuming because most carriers wait until a significant number of vehicles are combined. 

Difference between Door-to-Door Car Shipping and Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

As mentioned previously, both services have their pros and cons depending on your personal preference. For convenience and a short timeframe, door-to-door auto transport is much more convenient. Meanwhile, terminal to terminal car shipping has the advantage of being a less pricey option.

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