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How Auto Transport Companies Ship Non-Running Vehicles

How Auto Transport Companies Ship Non-Running Vehicles

There are several occasions when there is a need to ship non-running vehicles. Many auto transport companies have the required facilities for shipping non-running vehicles. Nevertheless, it can be a slightly complicated process for both the service providers and the clients. Therefore, we will share some tips and information to simplify the procedure of shipping non-working transports.

Non-Running Transport Distinction

Non-running vehicles usually have functional issues or missing essential components that make them unsafe to drive. Some typical cases are cars with missing engines, dead batteries, flat tires, structural malfunctions, etc. For auto transport companies, cars that can’t be driven to the shipping truck and need to be transported by a specific mechanism are considered inoperable and non-running. In some cases, the car can be rolled onto the shipping truck, though it’s not safe to move due to safety precautions. Usually, it’s because of problems regarding the steering mechanism or brake functionality. Nevertheless, an experienced auto transport company can always arrange logistics to carry any car in any condition.

Choosing the Shipping Company

Firstly, it is essential to note that not all carriers can provide auto transport shipping for non- running vehicles. Some shipping provider companies do not possess the required equipment to transport the inoperable cars as the standard accessories on shipping trucks are not sufficient for the process. Commonly auto shipping companies are not willing to handle the shipment of the non-working vehicle due to a lack of experience and trained specialists. Tempus Logix took this into account and created a task force in charge of shipments of inoperable motor vehicles.

Before placing an order or making a payment, you need to provide your carrier with a vehicle condition report specifying the car’s condition and possible complications that may jump up during the auto transport. Additionally, we recommend using enclosed car shipping if the car in question is a high-value classic car or holds sentimental importance.

Cost of the Shipping Service

Shipping inoperative vehicles are more expensive because of extra work and pricey equipment used to load and unload them. To transport your non-running car, the shipper may request more money for winching your vehicle and rolling it onto the truck. Please be informed that this is an additional service, and standard trucks don’t feature such specialized equipment to ship your non-running car. The truckers and the shipping staff must pass specific training courses to handle the essential steps of the loading/unloading procedure. We strongly recommend trying to fix some of the malfunctions and make the necessary improvements, which can be less costly than hiring auto transportation services to haul non-functional automobiles. Therefore, compare the service prices from several companies to ensure the shipping cost will not be over-budget.

Check Reviews and Permits

Firstly, check the reviews and recommendations to understand whether the company can ship non-running vehicles safely and on time. By quick research, you can evaluate the company’s experience and the common complaints from the customers. Afterward, check the licenses to make sure whether you want to cooperate with that particular company. Auto transport companies must have the certifications and licenses to ship vehicles. Also, make a note that not all companies are allowed to transport cars between states or countries.

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