Is Naming Your Car a Silly Idea?

Is Naming Your Car a Silly Idea?
Published on November 24, 2021

Have you ever considered naming your car? Or, have you ever seen anyone do so and wondered why? Naming objects is innate for people, and the reasons for it are self-evident: language and communication. However, nicknaming people and doohickeys has connotative implications that may be both endearing and repulsive. Here, we focus on the traditions behind giving automobiles peculiar names and transforming them from mere objects into something more personal and worthy of affection.

People tend to anthropomorphize rides and experience a form of “transportation emotion.” They ascribe human attributes to their cars and look for preferred human-like outlines while choosing one to buy. Generally, one can assume that the sillier the name, the more affection the owner has for the car. Despite many years of standardizing the production process, each automobile is unique. Whether you commute with it to work every day or compete in drift races, every single one has a tale that begins with the first person who touches it. The owner is the one who creates the car’s individuality. Some of us like to personalize it by customizing it to our comfort and style; others prefer higher speeds and wild, roaring engines. 

Personalized Characteristics for Your Car

One way or another, every little detail is crucial. A new steering wheel, a funny license plate, seatbelt covers, car mats, coasters, an air freshener, or even a keychain might give the machine some character. These are the most common ways of customization.

But what about naming them? Some people think it is a silly and childish thing to do. However, unexpectedly enough, statistics show that many of us do it regardless. So, if you haven’t done it, October 2nd is the best time to try it. 

National Name Your Car Day is made by those who love their vehicles. Every year, more and more participants from all over the US give their beloved four-wheel companions nicknames. Creative or not, it usually represents the main distinctive features like the brand, size, color, and speed. If you decide to go ahead with the idea, maybe you can nickname your ride after a famous performer, athlete, scientist, politician, relative, or anyone! Do not set limits for yourself and come up with the craziest, funniest, and most original monikers. Remember that our goal is to make it unique. The next thing on the to-do list is taking good care of your buddy. Go to a self-serve car wash and clean up that bad boy. Replace the oil, clean the floor mats, and tidy the glove compartment. Then, alone or with family and friends, drive to your favorite destination, enjoying every mile. 

Benefits of Naming a Car

After you complete everything mentioned above and your Fast and Bust, or Yellow Mellow, is taken care of, a logical question might pop into your mind. Why did I do this? It sure was a pleasant experience, but is there any real benefit for giving your four-wheeler a name? The answer is yes. Studies show that those who drive unnamed cars more often cast outward blame for accidents on the vehicles, engineers, or mechanics rather than blaming themselves. People are more likely to trust things that have been humanized and given a name. Rhonda will make you feel that she will return the favor and take care of her owner in a difficult situation without letting you down, just like a best friend who you would not blame in a critical moment. It will never be lonesome driving again. Now there is more confidence since you are in sync with the vehicle.  We all understand how hard it is sometimes not to see a best friend because of moving into a different city or state, changing jobs, etc. That is why we offer our professional services to thousands of customers. Do not be away from your car! Contact Tempus Logix. You name it. We ship it.

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