Is Online Car Shipping Good or Bad?

Is Online Car Shipping Good or Bad?
Published on June 8, 2022

It is almost impossible for people to imagine their lives without automobiles in today’s world. Cars have become a valuable asset for everyone, and that’s why many people are taking their vehicles wherever they go, even for vacations.

The need to transport cars from one place to another leads to the widespread use of auto transport companies which help car owners safely complete the shipping task. However, people are getting busier each year; they no longer have enough time to check everything out. Therefore, shipping companies needed to keep pace with these changes, and online car shipping services emerged to facilitate automobile transportation. Still, many car owners have doubts about whether online car shipping is good or bad.

Introduction to Online Car Shipping

Online car shipping can be defined as using an online service to arrange vehicle transportation from point A to point B; online auto shipping companies are responsible for finding a suitable trailer and organizing the whole process from picking up the car to delivering It at the final destination.

Why is It Good to Use an Online Car Shipping Service?

It’s good to use an online car shipping service for many reasons, after all, who wouldn’t like getting the job done without going anywhere. Just visit the auto transport company’s website and have everything arranged by experienced agents. Following are the advantages of online car shipping:

No need to set any plans

Suppose that someone wants to drive their car across the states; there are many things to think about. For example, which roads to take, gas spots, what hotel to stay at night, meals, and emergency plan if the vehicle has some breakdowns, and the list goes on. On the other hand, auto transport companies will take care of all the planning and ensure safe travel for all shipped cars.

Save time and effort

One of the main reasons people choose to ship cars instead of driving them themselves is time constraints because driving across the states can take a few days.

Not everyone can afford to take all this time out of their busy schedules. Moreover, all this traveling can be arduous work, especially for those not used to driving long distances. Luckily, online car shipping companies will take care of all this exhausting and time-consuming job.

Perfect protection

The shipping process includes many operations, and each of them needs its safety measures. Loading and unloading, for example, require some dedicated equipment such as a hydraulic lift to make sure that shipped vehicles won’t get any harm. In addition to that, auto transport companies often secure cars using chains, steel wire ropes, and nylon straps when necessary.

Additionally, long hours of driving may flatten the tires or even cause some engine issues, not to mention all mileage that will be added to the vehicle, making it lose some of its resale value.

Read more about how to protect your car during transport.

Cost calculator

Online car shipping websites often offer a cost calculator to provide an approximate quote depending on the customer’s information. Tempus Logix offers a free online shipping cost calculator to estimate the vehicle transportation cost.

Various payment methods

Auto transport companies offer their clients multiple payment options; they accept credit cards, cashier’s checks, and online providers like PayPal.

Online customer service

Having an online customer service team ready to help with all the shipping details can surely come in handy. They are available to respond to all questions since they have vast knowledge about the transportation process. Even if they weren’t available, sending an email is always an option; they will get back as soon as possible.

One-click service

Online Car Shipping has evolved to suit the consumer’s requirements; now, it is possible to access all services with a single click! These services include: choosing the transport method and tools, online tracking, and selecting the type of insurance that matches customers’ needs.

Does Online Car Shipping Have Any Drawbacks?

Although it has many advantages, this service isn’t completely perfect; people must be careful when booking an online transport service.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you cannot trust all auto transport companies; there are many unreliable transporters out there; therefore, choosing a trustworthy company is essential to ensure safe shipping.

A dependable company must have a valid MC number as proof that they are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They are obligated to all safety and insurance regulations needed to operate legally. Moreover, the company should have a good shipping record track and a professional, experienced team to ensure they are capable enough to proceed with a safe transport operation.

Tempus Logix has successfully transported over 30,000 vehicles across the United States, and there are over 1000 reviews from satisfied clients available online to evaluate the company’s quality of work.


Online car shipping is a convenient service offered by auto transport companies to save their customers’ time and effort; it has many advantages to encourage anyone to give it a try instantly. However, things such as perfect service don’t exist, and choosing a random company to hire is not wise since it can cause many unnecessary troubles. The only way to guarantee a superb service is to go with a trustworthy transport company.

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