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Is Same Day Car Shipping a Reality?

Same Day Car Shipping

Car owners might want to transport their vehicles quickly for many reasons. However, these people will have difficulty finding a company to handle the shipping task efficiently. Most auto transport companies have their shipping schedule booked for a week; therefore, even trying to book the service a few days before may not work, let alone the same-day car shipping order.

Same-day car shipping service means that an auto transport company will pick up the vehicle on the same day, but the delivery may not be done for 24 hours because, after all, a carrier driver is driving a trailer, not a plane.

Find a Company that Offers Same-Day Shipping

Although the car delivery may not be done within 24 hours due to distance restrictions, Same day car shipping is safe and dependable, just like any other transport service.

It’s noteworthy that transporting a car within a day is challenging, which qualifies only a few auto transport companies to offer a same-day car shipping service. The company must have an extensive network covering a vast region and massive transport operations.

On the other hand, smaller companies cannot provide expedited car shipping because transportation schedules tend to be quite tight. With mileage limits to consider, those small companies won’t have the required qualifications to perform this task.

To find a trustworthy company, asking for a recommendation from those who have tried to book similar services is an excellent way to get accurate information.

Another way is to search online and read some customer reviews to know what they are saying about their experience.

How Does Same-Day Car Shipping Work?

Once the auto transport company receives a same-day shipping request, they will do the following:

Locate available trailers: the auto transport company will look through their system to find an available trailer to pair the car with. When they find a trailer, the next step is to prepare the shipping schedule. However, if the car owner is lucky, the company may find available space on a nearby carrier and perform an immediate pick-up.

Select suitable transport method: auto transport companies offer two same-day car shipping methods; open and enclosed trailers. Enclosed car transport protects the shipped car from external elements and weather conditions. However, it is more difficult to find compared with the open transport service, which is more available. Therefore, car owners must decide what shipping method suits their needs the best.

Schedule arrival date: the delivery date is usually determined by the car owners, but same-day transportation is special since the car is meant to be delivered as soon as possible. Auto transport companies will have to set a final date depending on the travel distance and planned route.

Even though the carrier driver will pick up the car quickly, they must follow road and traffic rules. The auto transport industry is highly regulated; drivers are not allowed to travel more than 500 miles a day. They must stop driving and rest from one time to another during the day, so they can still focus on the road. Those delays should be considered when planning the shipment arrival time.

Car transportation: once the vehicle shipping schedule is set, the company will contact the car owner and provide them with all information. Before transporting, the company’s staff will inspect the car looking for any pre-existing damage, and document all details. Then, the car owner will receive a copy of the Lading Bill to compare the car’s status after it reaches its destination. 

How Much Does the Same Day Car Shipping Cost?

The car shipping cost is affected by several factors, including:

On the other hand, enclosed trailers are small in size and weigh less than open trailers, so they can maximize the distance traveled in one day, making it a faster shipping method than open carriers.

Read more about the Factors Affecting Car Shipping Costs.


Same-day car shipping is a special service you can’t easily find; therefore, it is essential to find a trustworthy and reliable auto transport company that offers this option and can handle it perfectly.

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