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5 Reasons to Choose Auto Shipping for Your Next Move

benefits of auto shipping

Relocating to a new home, or having just bought your dream car online and needing it shipped to its new destination? Besides several different circumstances, these two contexts are examples of when the services of auto transport companies come in handy.

According to a recent report by IBIS World, auto shipping services boomed in the market with over 4,500 companies. The industry gained popularity after successfully proving its significance and contribution to relocating and moving cars across the states much more easily.

Still, we come across some people questioning the benefits of hiring an auto transport company to move their vehicles, which motivated us to present five reasons to choose an auto shipping service for your next move. Here is a short list of the top five reasons why anyone would want to hire an auto shipping company:

  1. Using auto shipping is cost-effective.
  2. Moving a car with a reliable auto transport company is safer.
  3. Hiring an auto transport company saves time.
  4. Auto transport companies ensure convenience.
  5. Choose auto shipping for your peace of mind.


Between driving a car for miles and shipping it with a reliable car carrier, the latter proves to be more cost-effective, considering several factors. First, the fuel cost for the same trip will be significantly cheaper when using auto shipping services, as there will be other cars loaded onto the carrier and sharing the shipping costs.

In addition, driving a car imposes necessary expenses on food, drinks, parking, and accommodation during the trip. If you are driving the car yourself, you must occasionally stop to take a short break and might need to book a hotel room for a day or two, depending on how long the drive is.

Not to mention the added mileage and maintenance issues. Driving a car for long distances exposes it to wear and tear. Tires could get punctured, or other parts might be damaged in the long run, increasing repair costs. So, why incur extra costs when you can ship your car with an auto transport company?


Ever wondered what makes auto shipping companies exceptionally confident about the safety of vehicles? First, these companies use high-quality and advanced equipment to ensure the vehicles won’t get damaged while loading and unloading.

Also, carrier drivers are qualified to handle vehicle transportation under different conditions since they attended training programs provided by the auto shipping companies in addition to their expertise and familiarity with routes, pickups, and drop offs procedures.

On the other hand, driving a car at highway speed limits can be seriously dangerous, especially for fresh drivers unfamiliar with highway hazards like bad weather, irresponsible drivers along the way, or road debris.

Finally, moving a car with a transport company can be safer than driving it, thanks to licenses and insurance. To begin with, auto transport companies can only operate by obtaining a valid license from the DOT in the U.S., which makes them more reliable.

Second, auto transport companies must have insurance to cover the hauled freight in case of unexpected vehicle damage in transit. Carrier drivers, in return, would be cautious in handling the vehicles’ shipments to avoid losses.


Instead of spending days relocating a vehicle, one can make use of this time by hiring a trusted auto transport company. This option saves customers the hassle of taking time off work and delaying necessary duties to drive the vehicle from one place to another.

Though carrier drivers can only drive for limited hours, auto transport companies always find solutions to ensure fast and timely delivery as much as possible. Some companies employ two drivers who change shifts to expedite the hauling process further.


There are several services that auto transport companies provide to meet their customers’ convenience. For example, clients can choose between a more affordable shipping option, like open auto transport, and an expensive enclosed option offering additional protection. Both shipping options serve customers well, and it depends on clients’ priorities and needs to go for the open or enclosed transport option.

Moreover, the door-to-door auto shipping service makes auto hauling much easier and simpler. The driver will pick up the car from the doorway and deliver it to its new address, so customers won’t have to drive it a mile from their home address. Auto shipping companies also offer terminal-to-terminal service, a more affordable option for clients looking forward to saving some bucks.

Peace of mind

After all, who would want to take care of the vehicle’s relocation when several professional auto shipping companies are ready to handle the task most effectively and conveniently? Auto transport companies allow you to relax from the comfort of your home as you follow up with the entire auto shipping process to rest assured that everything is going perfectly and properly.

Tempus Logix is a dependable auto shipping company based in California, offering all the above features and much more. The company has shipped over 45,000 vehicles during eight years of business and got thousands of online reviews from satisfied clients. 

Finally, using a reliable auto shipping company to move a vehicle comes with benefits, making auto shipping services the best option for relocating cars since they ensure convenience, safety, and effective handling.

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