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Things to Know Before Shipping a Car

Things to Know Before Shipping a Car

It doesn’t matter whether you move to another state or buy a vehicle online; deciding on an auto shipping company is always a lot easier than driving it yourself. However, if you are a first-time shipper and look for a trusted car shipping company, we strongly advise following these tips before handing over your keys to a carrier.

1. Fill up your fuel tank no more than a quarter full

Before shipping your car, make sure to maintain your car’s gasoline tank below one-quarter of its total capacity. A full tank of petrol adds extra weight to your vehicle, directly impacting the vehicle shipping costs. Plus, a quarter of a tank is quite plenty for a carrier to load and discharge your vehicle at pick-up and drop-off destinations.

2. Get rid of the clutter

Make sure your vehicle is clutter-free before driving it to the pick-up location. Also, clear it out of personal belongings to reduce the weight (to avoid extra fees) and decrease the chance of loss or theft. As a rule, the carrier liability insurance does not compensate for stolen or damaged items. Thus having something valuable in your car during auto transport is at your peril.

3. Inspect your car for leaks and other issues

Before the driver loads your car onto a trailer, checking your vehicle for leaks is of vital importance, especially when traveling a long distance. First of all, examine the vehicle’s undercarriage to ensure it’s in good working order and has no service issues. Next, check for any leaking fluids in your car since this might damage other vehicles on the trailer. Notwithstanding, if you have discovered any leak from under your automobile, you’ll need to visit the service center and get it fixed right away. If you decide to skip the leak fix, an auto carrier might refuse to ship your vehicle.

4. Never base your decision on price alone

The adage “quality over quantity” makes good sense in the auto transport industry, especially when considering the cost of moving a car nationwide. However, when it comes to determining how much it costs to transport your vehicle from point A to Point B, the cheapest option is rarely the best or safest. The cost of vehicle shipping services depends on specific variables, such as the distance traveled, equipment quality, experience, level of service, etc. Thus basing your decision on price alone is not always an excellent option to pick up a reputable auto shipping service.

5. Opt for the most suitable car shipping option

Eventually, you’ll have to determine which transport method you need to employ. For example, the cheapest option to ship a car is to go for open auto transport. However, a vehicle on an open-air trailer is more exposed to dust and possibly harmful debris thrown upon the road. Although an open trailer is generally the most affordable way to ship your car, an enclosed auto transport offers the highest level of protection available in the auto shipping industry. Moreover, always bear in mind, compromising safety for the sake of a low price is not a good choice. Enclosed trailers are the best for shipping a vintage or classic car because of the added protection against the elements of the road.

6. Consider the difference between brokers and carriers

A carrier company owns trucks and trailers used to ship vehicles from one location to another, while auto brokers specialize in consolidating shipment and organizing the logistics. The brokerage organizations do not own trucks or trailers but deal with multiple shipping companies to ensure a positive client experience.

At Tempus Logix, we understand that submitting your prized vehicle to an unfamiliar carrier is a pretty challenging task. That’s why we stand as a concierge of auto shipping, ensuring the best service, the best rates, and your best interest by focusing on customer satisfaction.

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