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Tips on How to Avoid an Auto Transport Scam

How to Avoid an Auto Transport Scam

Scams cost individuals and companies a considerable amount of loss constantly. Sadly, the auto transport industry is also a vulnerable milieu for scammers. There are numerous incidents of people trusting fake websites and companies who lure customers into choosing their “imaginary” shipping services. Therefore, it is essential to know how to avoid an auto transport scam when planning to ship your vehicle. Below, we will talk over common scams and give tips on how to steer clear of them.

Be Aware of Unrealistic Promises!

Firstly, be cautious if the price of the service seems to be incomparably low. It is a typical deal to bait clients and then either impose extra and invalid fees or otherwise refuse to provide the service. Some scammers also try to fasten the decision process through quick-sale techniques. Announcements that promise low prices for a short period can be the necessary red flag to check the service’s reliability. Hence, do not deposit any amount of payment until confirming the information.

A Good Piece of Advice

No one will offer you a service or product at a loss to his business. Therefore, it’s always worth checking a car shipping company’s information, thus the truthfulness of its offer.

Check Terms and Conditions!

We all tend to agree to the terms and conditions without actually reading them. So be sure to take a glimpse of the main points. People usually pay unexpected expenses due to misinterpretation of the payment amount from the provider’s side. Before making any payments, confirm in a written statement that there won’t be any unreasonable additional costs.

Check Contact Information on a Third-Party Website!

Scammers usually mention a fake address and phone number on their website. Quick research can be helpful to avoid further interaction with a fraud company. Firstly, try calling the phone number to make sure it’s correlated with a shipping company. Afterward, check the address on Google Maps or through a similar mapping service. Finally, verify that there is a legitimate corporation at the provided address.

Check the Registration Number!

Governmental and federal authorities regulate auto transport companies, grant licenses, certifications, registrations, and constantly monitor their business activities to keep up with government regulations. Therefore, it’s mandatory to represent a license number on companies’ websites.

If you are unable to find the license, contact the company and request the information. You should also check the provided number from the responsible organizations. If the company refuses to share the auto transport license number, you should start doubting its trustworthiness.

Don’t Share Confidential Information Without Verification!

Auto transport scamming companies may try to persuade you to share personal information, such as your SSN (Social Security Number) or financial information, to access your data and use it for their benefit. Therefore, start to fill in confidential information and make a payment only after signing a contract and checking their license/registration number.

In conclusion, check the registration number and make sure it’s a legitimate company. Be aware of the warning signs and do not trust your vehicle and information to unknown companies.

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