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BOL in Auto Transport

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What is BOL

Bill of Landing, or BOL, is a document where carriers record all the crucial
information relating to the shipment of goods. It serves as a contract between
shippers and transporters. It has a long history in marine freight transportation,
but now all sorts of carriers use it to acknowledge receipt of a load. In the auto
industry, it is imperative paperwork as well. Shippers of motor vehicles
need to understand not only the role of BOL in auto transport but also its practical purpose. In this article, Tempus Logix covers all the underlying information necessary for its
customers to become familiar with BOL.

The Role of BOL in Auto Transportation

As mentioned above, BOL is a paper that a carrier issues to confirm the pick-up and
delivery of a vehicle during the shipping process. The person who loads the car
writes the shipper’s name, the make/model, and the condition of the automobile.
The shipper checks all the correctness of the information, the destination address,
and contact details. The carrier ought to provide a copy of the document to the
shipper. After both parties’ signatures, the load becomes the transporter’s
responsibility until delivery. In the interim, the vehicle’s owner has a receipt that
the property is now in another person’s possession.

The Purpose of BOL in Auto Transportation

On the date that a carrier picks up the vehicle for shipping, the BOL becomes a
legal document with a decisive force. It is a crucial point. The transporter
thoroughly inspects the car’s condition before loading it onto the trailer. If the
vehicle’s state upon arrival differs from before, the shipper has grounds for a claim.
BOL turns into proof and evidence that tilts the favor in either direction. Yes, BOL is
the only paperwork that can tip the scales in any direction. Without it, no claim will stand. Hence, shippers before shipment should always wash their cars and look for
anything unusual for themselves also. All the parties should be on the same page in
regards to this. That way, when something does go wrong, carriage companies can
settle issues immediately. There will be no room for misunderstandings or

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