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uShip Payment VS. Cash upon Delivery

uShip Payment vs. Cash upon Delivery

uShip payment and cash upon delivery are two terms describing two different timings and processes for paying for the auto shipping service. Auto transport companies are now adopting different payment methods to ensure clients get the service they strive for. Some still depend on traditional methods of credit cards and cash upon delivery; however, others have taken advantage of online platforms to save their and clients’ time.

uShip payment is an online payment method that has recently emerged in the transport market; some companies and clients favor it, while others haven’t managed to break out of the traditional methods yet.

uShip Payment or Cash upon delivery? This article will introduce you to both and help you make up your mind.

What is uShip?

uShip is an online platform for shipping services. It provides different kinds of shipping services for clients like yourself and transport companies around the US. uShip matches clients with the companies willing to serve them depending on the item they want to ship and the price they’re willing to pay. Payment methods include Visa, Master Card, American Express, and bank account.

uShip Payment Explained

The uShip payment method is the safest and most convenient, allowing clients to pay for the shipping service online. uShip has two different payment methods, uShip Payment and Booking Deposit.

uShip Payment

uShip Payment allows you to pay the shipping fees in full online. How so? Once you accept a quote from one of the auto transport companies collaborating with uShip, you will receive an email indicating the shipment is successfully booked.

From there on, the Payment will stay pinned on the Booking Confirmation page on your account on uShip until further notice. After the transport company delivers your car safely, you can release your payment code, and the fee goes to the company’s account.

Booking Deposit

This payment method only works in cases of shipments above $5,000. Booking Deposit involves releasing a portion of the shipping fees at checkout, and that’s before receiving the shipment from the service provider. Once you receive your shipment and sign the Bill of Lading, the remaining balance goes to the carrier directly by giving the code to them or sending it to the company.

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Cash upon Delivery

This payment method doesn’t involve any facilitating third party; rather, the agreement and payment are between the transport company and clients only. After requesting and accepting a quote from the company you want to hire, you will receive an email detailing the shipping fees.

There’s no further action required after receiving the final fee; you must wait for the carrier to reach out to you. Once you receive your car safe and sound and inspect it, you must personally hand the expenses to the carrier. Auto transport companies usually take cash, credit, or debit card payments.

Pros and Cons of Cash upon Delivery

Pros of cash upon delivery


Some people might get intimidated by dealing with two parties simultaneously, especially when they book the service from uShip’s platform. There will be many procedures for looking for a company, paying the quote, and releasing the payment. 

Flat fee

The quote that uShip sends to clients is subject to change depending on the company’s schedule, the weather, the carrier’s availability, and others. So, the quote that clients initially receive might not be the same end fee they will pay.

Even though the added fee is usually modest, some people find it a big deal. However, when paying upon delivery, a client directly deals with the carrier, and the fee doesn’t change much from the initial one.

Cons of cash upon delivery


Clients are developing many fraud strategies over the years, and sometimes, auto transport companies fall for them. A client might stop Payment on checks, use invalid credit cards, etc. So, this kind of payment method isn’t completely safe nor trustworthy for auto transport companies. 


The carrier and the car’s owner will have hard times during the car’s pick-up. Carriers are always in a hurry and want to finish the business as soon as possible. And with a lot going on, from inspecting the car, signing the Bill of Lading, and finding the cash or the credit card, it will take ages.

Pros and cons of uShip Payment

Pros of uShip Payment


It won’t take more than five minutes to inspect the car and send the payment code to the carrier. Not the driver nor the car owner will waste time, as a click can release the payment.


The chance of manipulating auto transport companies and using null and void payment methods when paying through uShip is slim. Clients will pay in advance and save themselves and carriers the venture. 

Cons of uShip Payment


uShip adds its service fee to the final amount a client pays in return for the assistance it provides through the service booking phases. The fee uShip adds isn’t at all fat compared with its exceptional services, but some clients prefer to keep it as affordable as possible.

Final judgment

Whether you book your shipping service from the uShip platform or the service provider’s, uShip Payment stands out as the most convenient payment method. You will get everything regarding the shipment figured out, and you will be able to pay your shipping expenses from the comfort of your home, just like you’re shopping from eBay.

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