Using Rating Platforms to Evaluate Car Shippers

Using Rating Platforms to Evaluate Car Shippers
Published on September 15, 2023

Car shipping is a thriving industry, especially in the United States, with thousands of service providers operating locally inside specific states, nationwide, and internationally. This abundance of service providers is advantageous for car owners in the sense of creating competition and offering multiple choices.

However, one drawback to the abundance of choices in car shipping companies is facing difficulties when choosing reliable car shippers from unprofessional ones or evaluating different car shipping companies to choose the most suitable one.

Therefore, this guide explains the different aspects related to evaluating car shipping companies, covering the following topics:

  • Why Evaluate Car Shipping Companies?
  • What is a Service Rating Platform?
  • Popular Rating Platforms
  • Evaluating Car Shipping Companies Using the Popular Rating Platforms

Why Evaluate Car Shipping Companies?

When answering the question ‘Why do I have to evaluate a service provider?’ people will discover numerous reasons that make this step necessary before using any service, especially car shipping.

In fact, the importance of finding a reliable, reputable, and affordable car shipping company equals that of the shipping process. Cars are among our valuable investments, and buying a service that will protect them from damage or theft during shipping is essential to avoid a significant loss.

Therefore, conducting some research before considering a specific car shipping company is vital. The following lines provide more solid reasons for evaluating car shippers through third-party rating platforms:

Plenty of Fine Options

Upon searching for ‘reliable car shipping companies to ship my car,’ customers will undoubtedly find many fine options for their car shipping requirements. This factor seems to comfort car owners, but it does not. In fact, the more options provided, the greater confusion created.

Therefore, one good idea to reduce confusion about choosing one of many good car shipping options is to research these companies on popular rating platforms and compare them against each other based on previous customers’ reviews and experiences.

Verify a Company’s Authenticity

In many circumstances, what a company says about itself and its services is not necessarily true and can be subject to the company’s viewpoint. However, service rating platforms create a reliable venue for clients to check for their desired service provider’s credibility, authenticity, and credentials.

If a client can’t find a specific company on any popular rating platform, it is a telling sign to give it up. Another scenario could be that the company always promises its clients a level of service quality that it can’t deliver, which can only be discovered by checking for previous customers’ reviews on third-party rating platforms.

What is a Service Rating Platform?

A service rating platform is a virtual place that connects service providers with customers and is primarily based on transparency. These rating platforms act as an unbiased resource that provides information about particular services and products service providers produce.

In addition, plenty of rating platforms are available online, and most are free of charge, featuring previous customers’ reviews and feedback about services of different industries. Also, some platforms specialize in specific industries, such as car shipping services.

Anyone considering hiring a car shipping company can visit one of these platforms and take a look at previous customers’ opinions on the company’s services and how likely the company will serve them as they expect.

Popular Third-Party Rating Platforms

All the process takes is looking up popular third-party rating platforms on your mobile browser to find various results. However, this guide gathers the most popular platforms clients can depend on to find information related to their car shipping company and provides a general overview of each. The most popular rating platforms are Google, Social Media Platforms, Trustpilot, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau.

Google Reviews

Google provides reliable and trusted business rating services through its search results. Upon searching the company’s name on Google, the search engine will provide general information about the business, like its location and contact information. 

In addition, customers will find a bar for leaving a review about the company, where previous clients can write about their experience with hiring a specific company and rate its service quality.

Some car shipping companies that are highly rated insert their Google reviews on their websites as proof of their trustworthiness, showing how their past customers are adequately satisfied with their services.

Tempus Logix is among the top-rated car shipping companies in the industry, rated 4.9 out of 5 on Google and Facebook. Clients can view more of the company’s reviews on its website and learn how it prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Social Media Reviews

Another practical way to check for the service quality of a specific car shipping company is by finding it on different social media platforms and scanning its past clients’ reviews and comments.

Social media is a powerful tool for allowing customers to express their opinions about a service. For example, Facebook reviews enable customers to write whether they recommend a service or a business.

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot’s online community aims to help build trust between businesses and clients by allowing companies to engage with customers, solve their problems, and promote their services.

Additionally, it allows customers to check a service provider’s history and experience through past clients’ feedback, based on which they make their purchase decisions. It is also worth noting that Tempus Logix is labeled as an excellent service provider on Trustpilot based on the reviews of 484 customers.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp is another popular customer review platform, allowing clients to find local businesses and read reviews from other clients. Yelp is a platform to rate and give feedback about various companies other than car shipping, including hotels, restaurants, stores, etc.

Indeed, companies can display their clients’ reviews on Yelp on their official websites through the Yelp review widget. Tempus Logix also has many positive reviews on the Yelp platform from satisfied clients, showing their appreciation for the quality service and exceptional shipping experience they had with the company.

The Better Business Bureau Reviews

The Better Business Bureau is a private non-profit organization that allows clients to research companies’ work history, experience, licensing, and reviews. It also gives them a unique feature: filing a complaint against a service provider.

This platform is prevalent in the car shipping field, with many companies using their accreditation from the BBB as a sign of accountability and reliability. Tempus Logix, for example, is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and many reviews from past happy clients, expressing the company’s trustworthiness.

When clients file a complaint against a service provider, companies are given a chance to respond to the complaints by following up with them on the BBB site and requesting an answer within 14 days.

If companies don’t respond to the first complaint, the Better Business Bureau sends them another notice. Then, customers are informed about the company’s response or if the company doesn’t respond at all.

Evaluating Car Shipping Companies Using the Popular Rating Platforms

Now that it is clear what the most popular third-party rating platforms are, how they work, and how they benefit customers and businesses, it is time to use this knowledge to evaluate car shipping companies.

 Customers can use some strategic approaches to determine what the given reviews about a company on a specific platform imply. After all, judging a service provider’s reliability is not always easy, barely through other people’s opinions.

Compare the Rating of a Company to the Number of Reviews

Some companies appear to be highly rated, whether on their social media accounts, Google, or other third-party rating platforms. However, their high ratings may not be subject to precise data as the company may not have many reviews that create a sufficient ground to judge its services.

A company can have positive reviews, yet they may only make a small number. This means that the given feedback tells only one part of the company’s service quality, and there could be another hidden part that is unmentioned yet.

Therefore, it is vital to consider the number of reviews to the overall rating before making a quick decision about a company.

Analyze How the Company Responds to Negative Feedback

No matter a company’s size or success, it will always be prone to negative reviews. That is because meeting everybody’s particular expectations is somewhat challenging, especially when they are above the average level.

In fact, what really matters when it comes to negative feedback on a company’s profile is how it deals with these comments. If the company ignores a client complaint, that is a bad sign, showing that the company is either bad in what the client is complaining about or, even worse, handling customers’ needs.

No one wants to hire a company with poor communication or customer service even though it provides quality car shipping services. That is because communication is vital for customers who wish to have someone address their concerns, answer their questions, and follow up with them throughout the shipping process.

Find Reviews that Address the Same Service You Consider Using

Customers can make the most out of third-party rating platforms by searching for previous customers’ reviews addressing the same services they want to use. This can help clients make more informed decisions about the specific service they have in mind.

Indeed, through previous customer reviews addressing the same service, clients can compare the experiences different customers had with the same company. Then, they can evaluate how likely their own experience will be similar to what other customers say.

For example, people considering shipping a specific vehicle type, such as an SUV from New York to New Jersey, can search for reviews on the company’s profile on any of the mentioned platforms that discuss shipping the same vehicle type from and to the exact locations. This can simply be done using the filters on the reviews page.

Final Thoughts

Third-party rating platforms make an objective and dependable tool to check companies’ reliability and service quality. Measuring a service’s effectiveness through third-party review platforms is critical to avoid handing your valuable asset, money, or time to the wrong service provider.

Tempus Logix has been a trustworthy car shipping company for over eight years. The company could earn thousands of customers’ trust, primarily concerned about customer satisfaction. Indeed, it has been recognized as an excellent service provider on various channels.

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