Vehicle Transport Quote: Explaining It All

Vehicle Transport Quote: Explaining It All
Published on November 24, 2021

If you are planning to ship your car from one place to another, the first thing you
should be deciding on is choosing a trustworthy, safe, and budget-friendly shipping
company. The initial step should be to conduct research and contact various
businesses to inquire about car transportation charges. Whether you want to learn
about classic car shipping or motorcycle shipping cost, be sure you receive the
best offer possible.

What You Need to Know

Not all car transport companies provide the shipping quote the same way. While
some companies include all expenses (including service fees, additional insurance
coverage, and so on) in their rates, others may only show you the price without
any additions. In cases like this, expect to get a higher final quote than the original

How to Get a Car Shipping Quote

You can get immediate quotations from several car transportation firms by filling
out online forms. For that, you must provide information about your car (year,
model, size, functionality, etc.), the pickup address, shipping destination and time,
desired shipping method, and your contact information (name, email, phone
number, etc.).
After submitting all of this information, you should receive a call or an email with
your car transportation quote. You can also receive an estimate by using a car-shipping
calculator. This rate, however, is less precise.

How Much Can Vehicle Transport Quote Be?

The cost of auto transport varies depending on the company. The quote depends
on many factors, so do not take precise money stats on the web too seriously.
Due to more safety measures and reliability factors, enclosed auto transport is
usually more expensive than open auto transport. Cross-country shipping is likely
to be less costly than shorter distances within counties when calculated per mile.

How are Auto Transport Costs Calculated?

Several factors affect cost in the auto transport industry. Let’s go through each one in-depth so you can figure out which ones can help you save money in the long run and which ones you can control.

  • Distance: While cross-country shipments have better car shipping rates per mile, they are more expensive altogether. Consequently, shipping costs are higher for shorter-distance shipments, but they cost less overall.
  • Car shipping method: Enclosed carrier auto shipping is more expensive than open car transport. However, in some circumstances, you should consider the enclosed carrier approach, for example, while shipping luxury and classic vehicles or vintage motorcycles.
  • Shipping location: Expect to pay more if you want your vehicle delivered to your home (door-to-door shipping). The cheapest option is to have it delivered to a specified terminal where you may pick it up (terminal-to-terminal shipping).
  • Time of year: The cost of vehicle shipping varies according to the season. The months of January and July, for example, are more expensive due to increased demand.
  • Fuel price: Vehicle shipping companies may charge more to cover their costs if fuel prices are higher than typical.
  • Vehicle operability: Inoperable vehicles require more labor, resources, and care to carry than working vehicles. As a result, their transportation expenses are higher.
  • Vehicle size: The larger your vehicle size, the costlier your shipment. Vehicles like SUVs and trucks cost more to ship than ordinary automobiles.
  • Route popularity: You will receive better estimates if your shipment route is well-known among car transport providers. Expect to pay more per mile if it is not popular among auto carriers.
  • Domestic vs. International car shipping: While domestic vehicle shipping has its own set of requirements, international car shipping is more complex, involving numerous stages such as port shipping, customs, and international shipping to the port. As a result, international shipping is much expensive.
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