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What Is Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed Auto Transport

By being closed on all sides, enclosed car transport is a type of transportation that adds further protection to vehicles transported. It also makes it ideal for low- clearance cars because it has ramps that nearly level with the ground, and it generally comes with a customized hydraulic system for loading and unloading distinguished automobiles. Tempus Logix strongly recommends this option if one needs to ship a high-end car across the interstate. Furthermore, if one does not desire the vehicle to be subjected to the elements of the road, as it would be in the case of open car transport, then an enclosed car trailer is the place where one’s choice can stand on.

The weather is another significant factor to consider for what type of auto transport method to choose. If you are shipping in winter, then the enclosed carrier is a great choice. Although enclosed carriers offer comparatively higher rates than open car carriers, it is worth choosing enclosed car transportation for shipping if the aim is to avoid negative consequences caused by poor weather conditions.

Which Are the Enclosed Trailer Types?

Single-vehicle enclosed trailers are commonly used for transporting a single automobile and are best suitable for transporting sporty or luxurious cars. However, this option is well-served when used over short distances.

Single level multi-vehicle trailers accommodate two to five vehicles and are ideal for short and long distances. The loading and unloading time is faster than the enclosed multilevel multi-car haulers.

Enclosed Multilevel Multi-Car Trailers are the large enclosed carriers that make it popular for transporting up to seven cars nationwide.

Hard-sided Enclosed Trailers usually have steel and aluminum walls, providing ultimate protection to the vehicles placed inside.

Soft-sided Enclosed Trailers have specific vinyl side curtains that ensure alternative security for the cargo on the road.

What Are the Advantages of Enclosed Car Transport?

The core advantages of enclosed car transportation include, but not limited to:

  • Climate control and a higher level of immobility, which ensures that the vehicle is clamped in place and will not move while the enclosed car carrier is in motion.
  • Enhanced protection for expensive automobiles.
  • Double safety, which means that the truck is boxed and duly closed. Therefore, there is no way to face any damage that can result from road debris or unpleasant weather conditions.

How Much Does Enclosed Auto Transport Cost?

In a general sense, choosing enclosed auto transport is more costly than the open auto transport option; however, it is valuable from many aspects of enhanced safety for precious cars. Depending on the vehicle size, type of transportation, and distance, the average cost of enclosed auto transportation is about $X.

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