What You Need to Know About Car Auction Shipping

What You Need to Know About Car Auction Shipping
Published on January 10, 2022 at 12:28 pm GMT

If you want to buy a cheap and used car, or something peculiar, auto auctions are the best way. There are numerous online auto auction services you can bid on vehicles sold by car dealerships and individuals who want to get rid of their cars. You can get the automobile of your choice at the right price. No matter how many miles away the auction cars are, many people prefer to browse online auction websites to find what they are researching. Therefore, it is no surprise that we see a sharp increase in the number of automobiles purchased online.

When purchasing a car at an auto auction, you will almost certainly want car shipping services to move it. It is at this point that Tempus Logix will assist you.

It is essential to pay attention to the type of vehicle you want to buy at online car auctions. It will help you choose the best car shipping company providing the services you need for your vehicle transport. Not all vehicles require the same type of carrier. The shipping equipment also depends on the condition of the car. If it is inoperable, you will probably need a truck and special equipment for loading and unloading.

There may be auto auctions that will offer their car shipping services. However, there is a strong likelihood that you will end up with a nationwide vehicle transport company, such as Tempus Logix, that is easier to find and safer to have them haul your car without headaches.

Open or Enclosed Shipping?

Many buyers prefer open car transportation since it is less expensive than enclosed shipment. Indeed, one should consider open-air trailers for auto shipping for most cars bought from online auto auctions. However, there are times when they will advise enclosed car shipping, no matter that its cost is usually higher, ranging from 30 to 60%. You may base your decision on the car’s value, distinction, and safeguards. If you are shipping a luxury or vintage vehicle, you had better consider enclosed shipping due to safety concerns (not that open trailers are unsafe; it is just that enclosed trailers are for extra precautions).

If you are shipping a car with exposed parts or interiors, it is best to choose enclosed vehicle shipping for isolation during transit. Also, consider transporting inoperable motor vehicles with an enclosed trailer if they can damage other cars when shipped on multi-level open trailers.

Needed Information for Auction Car Shipping

Make sure to keep all of the information you get while buying a car at an auction. Later on, you will need to send that information to your car shipping company, so they can appropriately pick up and deliver your car to you.

If you are buying online, you will usually receive the car auction information via email if you win the auction. In it you will receive details like:

  • Lot number

The car auction service will provide you with the lot number where your car is physically situated. Car shipping companies will need this information to know which vehicle to load precisely and accurately.

  • Buyer number

In addition to providing a number for your vehicle, the auto auction assigns one to you as a purchaser. Combining those two numbers, they can identify the car, as well as the individual who won the auction. You may also see expressions like “customer number” or anything similar.

  • Release form

This information does not pertain mandatorily to all car auctions. Some smaller auctions may require a release form, which you should send to your car shipping representatives. If this form is necessary, your car auction company will provide you with it.

The car shipping industry is full of different companies, each providing services and quality at different levels. To ensure you have chosen the best mover, remember to pay attention to:

  • Company registration with the Department of Transportation 
  • Track record and its history in the market 
  • Positive feedback about timely pickups and deliveries
  • Customer satisfaction and their feedback
  • Reputation for good service

It is not difficult to find this information online by searching on popular platforms like Google Reviews, Transport Reviews, or Trustpilot.

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