Benefits of Choosing a Nationwide Car Transporter

Benefits of Choosing a Nationwide Car Transporter
Published on November 29, 2023 at 12:16 pm GMT

If you’re planning to move to a new city, you may need the services of an auto transport company to relocate your car. With thousands of options available, selecting any company that appears in the search results can be tempting. However, not all auto transport companies are equal, and they don’t all offer the same services. While some operate nationwide, others only work in specific regions. This raises the question: What distinguishes a nationwide car transporter from a local one?

This article aims to compare the services offered by both types of auto transport companies and highlight the advantages of choosing a nationwide auto transport company.

Local vs. Nationwide auto transport companies

Let’s compare the services of a nationwide auto transport company to those offered by a local auto transport company.


Usually, local auto transport companies are small and only serve the surrounding areas of their establishments. These companies own fewer trucks and may have smaller trucks or use tow rigs to haul the loads. Therefore, customers cannot find a carrier to move their cars anytime when using local auto transport services.

On the other hand, nationwide auto transport companies are bigger than local ones and operate nationwide. Consequently, they face fewer carrier availability issues since they have or work with a bigger network of carriers to cover larger regions and meet the customers’ needs.

Tempus Logix is a nationwide auto-shipping service provider with a vast network of over 25,000 auto-shipping carriers across the United States.

Scheduling auto shipping times

The availability of carriers is a main factor in scheduling auto-shipping times. With local auto transport companies, scheduling for vehicle pick-ups and deliveries may take longer since they have fewer operating carriers and can take fewer shipping orders.

Contrarily, auto transport companies that operate nationally ensure faster auto shipping scheduling and quicker deliveries since they have a larger set of carriers that can carry several cars at a time.

Tempus Logix provides its auto shipping service all year round with a high capacity to accept orders across the US and ensure all clients are satisfied.


Local auto transport companies usually ship over short distances, making them affordable when customers need to transport their vehicles locally. Sometimes, shipping vehicles with local transport companies is more costly if the company uses small carriers that can haul fewer cars since they have to charge more per car to maintain a profit margin.

As to nationwide auto transport companies, auto shipping prices are lower because they use larger carriers that can load up to 12 cars simultaneously. Hence, they can charge less per hauled vehicle while making considerable profits.

Tempus Logix is a nationwide auto shipping company that offers reasonable prices and many discounts to students, returning clients, and others.

Customer service

Quality customer service is undeniably crucial for the success of any business. While local auto transport companies usually have fixed working hours, national auto transporters may provide customer service around the clock.

Furthermore, reliable national auto transporters provide different contact venues to make it easy for customers to reach them. It is also helpful since national auto transport companies cover extensive areas, thus receiving higher call volume.

Benefits of choosing nationwide auto transport companies

Having compared nationwide and local auto transport companies, we now see how national companies can provide customers with a set of benefits, including:

A wider network of carriers

Since American auto shipping companies operating nationally cover more regions, they have several carriers that can undertake large auto-shipping orders, catering to different auto-shipping requirements, including different types of trailers, open, large, or enclosed, with different specifications. In this case, carriers can handle the transportation of different car types and transport cars in different conditions.

Tempus Logix is a nationwide auto-shipping company with a huge carrier network. The company works with experienced, licensed, and insured carriers that can transport all vehicle types and provide open and enclosed shipping.

Higher insurance coverage

When we talk about an auto transport company that operates across the nation, we are talking about big numbers, including the amount of insurance coverage. The bigger the carrier, the higher its insurance coverage.

Moreover, nationwide auto transport companies ship multiple types of vehicles, including luxury and high-end cars. To legitimately haul these types of cars, auto transporters should carry sufficient insurance to cover any potential damages.

Faster services

Aside from the availability of carriers and large-scale staff, corresponding to prompt arrangements for auto shipping pick-ups and deliveries, new technological advancements are another factor that makes the services offered by national auto transporters worthy.

Nationwide auto transport companies compete to provide the best service quality. They try to adopt emerging technology that makes auto shipping faster, like providing an online AI-based auto shipping quote calculator or using AI to help find shorter routes and effective auto shipping solutions.

Ultimately, though local auto transport companies are good for local shipping, nationwide auto transporters offer more convenience for customers. From providing excellent customer service to ensuring faster pick-up and delivery times, national auto transporters put in all their effort to meet their clients’ needs.

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