Can Someone Else Pick Up My Car in My Name?

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Car in My Name?
Published on August 26, 2021

It is hardly a minor task to move a vehicle within the city boundaries, much alone across the country, without the assistance of a professional. If you’re looking for someone to manage your car shipping from one location to another, here’s where carriers and car brokers can come into practice. Auto transport is the easiest and the most convenient way to get your car delivered to your desired destination, regardless of whether you are picking it up in person or authorizing someone else to do it for you. It’s a highly flexible service, and Tempus Logix will arrange the delivery to you or the person you’ve designated as the receiver of your possession. Following your decision to employ auto shipping, here are a few things to know once it arrives at its destination.

The Process of Picking Up a Vehicle at Its Final Destination

When shipping a car, an auto transport company provides you a schedule of delivery dates. Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that a delivery schedule is just an estimate based upon many factors, such as traffic and weather, that may impact the auto shipping duration. Plus, the carrier is likely shipping multiple cars, so that the delivery schedule may vary slightly. 

Auto shipping companies might deliver your car to a terminal or their facilities, where you will be requested to come and pick it up. However, you may opt for door-to-door service and get your car delivered directly to your home. Please be informed that if your provided address isn’t safely accessible, a carrier may arrange a new pick-up location nearby. 

Who Can Pick Up My Car at the Drop-Off Location?

There can be several reasons why you cannot pick up your car at the final destination. For instance, you may be unable to leave your place of work, be out of town, or perhaps not reside in the city where your vehicle should arrive. Anyhow, you can assign someone else to pick up your car, but you can arrange it only ahead of time. If you consider another guy to pick up your vehicle at the last minute, likely, a carrier won’t release your car. Be aware that if you assign someone else (other than the legal owner) to pick up your vehicle, he must have a notarized letter (plus any proof of identity) authorizing to take your car in your name. In addition, the letter should include information referring to a booking number, the full name of the assignee, and information about the car, including vehicle identification number (VIN). 

What Happens if I Cannot Pick Up My Car?

If you have a change of plans in the nick of time and cannot arrange to pick up your car, an auto carrier may offer an option of storing your vehicle for additional fees. Storage fees are placed not by the shipper or auto transport broker but by a terminal company. Therefore, you would be able to retrieve your vehicle from a terminal unit only after paying the storage fee. It’s also essential to inspect your car or ask someone who you trust. It’s the only way to get compensation if your vehicle gets damaged during auto transport. Car inspection reports are initially paper-based, but today you can install a car inspection app on your device to perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection.

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