How to Plan a Smooth Employee Relocation to Another State

How to Plan a Smooth Employee Relocation to Another State
Published on September 28, 2022

Thriving businesses should never confine their success to one state; rather, they should expand their profitability all around the US by breaking down barriers and starting up other branches in the right places.

So, whether you’re opening a new branch or staffing an already existing one, the workers’ relocation to another state is an inescapable phase in building your business. And honestly speaking, planning an employee relocation to another state is as complicated as it seems.

You have to get a confirmation from the employees and arrange everything for them from A to Z in the new state. But each complex process could be simplified by following establishing a neat checklist. Here’s your checklist for planning an employee relocation to another state.

Hire a Moving Manager

Planning an employee relocation to another state isn’t a walk in the park. However, it requires a long time and serious effort; since you are a busy boss and may not have time to get everything done fast and efficiently, you have to hire someone to get the job done as a pro. According to experts, the best person for this job is an admin assistant, as they have the knowledge and experience in planning this kind of task skillfully.

Notify Employees in Person and in Advance

The relocation is big news, and not all employees will welcome it with open arms. So, it would be less stressful if they heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. So, ensure you notify them and don’t assign this job to the moving manager.

Keep in mind that the relocation decision is very sensitive and hard. Determining whether employees will be in or out won’t happen overnight; rather, it needs long contemplating and consideration.

So, an employee must have a long time to decide and have the final say. Ensure you notify the employees at least one month in advance. This time is long enough for them to figure out what to do and prepare everything regarding the relocation.

Create a Competitive Relocation Package 

Moving to another state is very costly; you must consider many expenses. Here’re the top three.

● Travel cost

The travel costs, especially air transport, could be a big budget for some employees. So, the employee relocation to another state package must include the travel cost; moreover, the relocation package should cover the travel costs for all the employees’ family members. 

● Temporary housing

Employees will need to leave their homes, where they’ve spent long years, and adapt to a new state where they know no one and have nothing but a job, which will be very overwhelming. So, your employee relocation to another state package must include temporary housing for all employees until they figure out their place in the new state and find their foot.

● Familiar support

You have to remember that these employees who you’re about to change their lives might be the head of their families, and they might have a spouse and kids who completely depend on them in all life aspects.

So, those people must have their share of the package you’re about to offer. Your employee relocation package must also help the employees’ spouse find a new job or offer them one. You must also take care of kids by recommending reputable schools or nurseries.

Create a Budget for Moving Expenses

● Packing services

Collaborating with a packing company to assist your employees during their move would be a very appreciable move. Relocating is tedious and stressful, and packing furniture, fragile items, and personal belongings are time-consuming and exhausting. So, hiring a packing company to pack, ship, and unpack employees’ possessions is one of the most important things on your checklist.

● Auto travel compensations 

If the state you’re about to relocate your employee to is not far from the current one, driving there would be the most suitable option. However, the travel expenses are your responsibility, as well. You have to calculate how much the drive will cost and give employees reimbursements for the gas mileage.

● Auto transport services

On the other hand, if the state is far and requires taking a train or a plane, employees won’t be willing to leave their cars behind. So, you have to figure that out. An car transport company must transport employees’ vehicles to the new state.

You must pick the most professional and reliable auto transport company to ensure your employees’ cars arrive unharmed; choosing an unreliable company is the last thing you want to be blamed for.

Read about How to Choose a Car Transport Company.

We recommend hiring Tempus Logix because it has a team of experienced drivers and a fleet of the most advanced and secured carriers. In addition, they might give you a generous offer if the shipped cars are many.


Planning a smooth employee relocation will be one of the most tedious things you will do throughout your business journey. However, having sufficient knowledge will make the relocation a little easier, and you can manage it as a pro.

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