Auto Transport Deals and Discounts in the U.S.

Auto Transport Deals and Discounts in the U.S.
Published on February 14, 2023

Every time we are about to purchase a service or a product, we seek to get special offers. The word ‘discount’ has a magical spell on customers fascinating them and influencing their purchase decisions. That is why businesses offer discounts to promote their services and products, and auto transport companies are no exception.

Offering customers discounts on auto hauling services are not less prominent in a fiercely competitive industry like auto shipping. Thousands of service providers do their best to attract customers and ship their vehicles.

We’ll start this article by spotlighting discounts’ important role in the auto shipping industry. Then we’ll explain the best ways to get discounts and good deals from auto shipping companies, in addition to mentioning auto transport discount policies in the U.S.

How do discounts benefit auto shipping businesses?

Auto-hauling companies offer discounts to attract potential clients who have previously shown interest in their services. Statistics have shown that people tend to hire auto shipping companies who offer a good deal, especially when it’s their first time shipping their vehicles. Another reason is the competitive nature of the auto shipping industry.

Offers are essential to retaining clients, especially for car dealerships, auction houses, and online stores; They all require shipping vehicles continuously. Though auto transport companies end up making smaller profits, they, in turn, avoid losing clients to their competitors.

Finding the best auto shipping deal

Auto shipping rates depend on several factors, and to find yourself a  good deal on shipping your vehicle, consider the following tips:

Hire a trustworthy broker

Brokers play a major role in maintaining reasonable and affordable auto shipping prices, and they can help lower them due to the huge network of carriers they can reach. Still, clients should beware of scammers and unauthorized service providers.

Reach out to different companies for quotes

Clients should always contact several auto transport companies and ask for a shipping quote. Try to get three to five quotes, then compare the services and quality against your needs and budget. To get an auto shipping quote instantly, many auto shipping companies provide free online auto shipping cost calculators on their websites, besides the possibility to call their support agents and ask directly.

Tempus Logix has recently implemented an AI-based auto-shipping cost calculator on its website. The new technology enables instant and accurate auto shipping costs taking into account all different factors in real-time.

Ask about insurance policies

Proper insurance coverage is substantial to ensure the vehicle’s safety during shipment. People shipping their vehicles should ensure that the company provides sufficient insurance covering unexpected damages. However, insurance coverage sometimes includes supplemental plans that add extra costs. Though they provide additional guarantees, drop these plans as long as they are unnecessary to get a more affordable deal.

Ask about discounts

While many auto shipping companies offer discounts, they might not mention them upfront. So, we advise clients to ask their auto shipping service provider whether they offer special discounts and how they can apply.

Avoid hidden fees

Some badly-reputed auto shipping companies are used to refrain from providing clear and specific information about the shipping costs to charge extra fees upon delivery. To avoid such scenarios, hire a reputable auto shipping company, and learn more about them by researching them online.

Auto transport discounts policies

Auto transport discounts are entitled to different segments of society, including military personnel, college students, seniors, dealerships, and manufacturers.

The policies related to giving discounts vary among different companies. Yet, some fixed requirements include providing the auto shipping company with identity proof. Most companies claim the right to regain the cut-off costs from customers faking identification papers or providing false information to get a discount.

Tempus Logix discounts

Tempus Logix offers discounts for military personnel, college students, dealerships, manufacturers, and returning clients. Students could get up to a 7% discount for a one-way shipment and up to a 12% discount for a round-trip shipment. Moreover, college students shipping their vehicles together can negotiate a better discount.

As a sign of gratitude for military personnel, Tempus Logix offers all active-duty members up to a 10% discount on the different military auto transport services, like cars, boats, heavy machinery and equipment, and utility service vehicles.

Shipping vehicles in bulk also has its share of discounts, and Tempus Logix offers big discounts for dealerships and returning clients shipping multiple cars simultaneously on the same route. Besides these discounts, clients get one of the best auto shipping experiences with the company’s professional team, who keep them updated throughout the shipping process while ensuring safe and proper handling.

Finally, it’s always recommended to balance the auto shipping quote with the level of professional services you’re getting from the company. After all, no one wants to ship their vehicle with a low-quality auto shipping company just to save money because if something wrong happens along the way, the consequences might be costly.

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