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Celebrating National Insurance Awareness

National Insurance Awareness Day

The United States celebrates National Insurance Awareness Day on the 28th of June every year. The importance of insurance and its benefits to our lives necessitates dedicating a day to enhancing people’s culture about insurance, its different types, and how keeping an eye on changes and new promotions can help people save money.

On National Insurance Awareness Day, several insurance terms are highlighted, including the importance of shopping around for the best insurance rates, which is especially helpful for those looking for the best deal.

Other issues raised on National Insurance Awareness Day include checking insurance policies, adjusting them according to life changes, and keeping tabs on added features, services, discounts, etc. Regularly reviewing insurance policies ensures no special promotions or potential savings are missed.

National Insurance Awareness Day Activities

The level of insurance coverage depends on the purchased plan, so it is recommended to consult an expert about the best insurance type that suits one’s needs. Talking to insurance experts, discussing the types of insurance plans, and reviewing insurance policies are encouraged at National Insurance Awareness Day. 

In addition, several companies and organizations observe National Insurance Awareness Day by launching awareness campaigns that promote knowledge about insurance considerations for several aspects of our lives, including auto shipping services.

Tempus Logix also celebrates National Insurance Day due to the deep relationship between the auto transport and insurance industries. It is worth mentioning that Tempus Logix works with a large network of carriers with insurance coverage of up to $1,000,000

‘The National Insurance Awareness Day is an opportunity to remind individuals of the benefits of maintaining adequate insurance coverage. It is time to raise awareness of several insurance policies and considerations so people can choose the right insurance type for their needs. Since our company offers auto shipping services, we are particularly interested in promoting awareness of insurance considerations for auto shipping services.

CEO of Tempus Logix, The United States

Insurance Considerations for Auto Shipping Services

At National Insurance Awareness Day, Tempus Logix reminds its clients of some insurance considerations for auto shipping services they should know about when transporting their vehicles:

  1. Auto shipping companies are required by law to carry liability insurance coverage.
  2. Car owners are not required to have insurance coverage for their cars to ship them since auto transport companies provide insurance coverage for vehicles while in transit.
  3. The cost of insurance coverage is usually included in the final auto shipping quote.
  4. Car owners can purchase supplemental insurance plans if they want higher levels of vehicle protection. This option is recommended for customers shipping exotic, vintage, or valuable cars.
  5. The auto shipping company’s insurance usually doesn’t cover damages caused by natural disasters or items left inside the car, nor does it pay for missed personal items car owners have left inside the car before shipping.

National Insurance Awareness Day is a perfect time to emphasize the importance of staying protected by applying for adequate insurance coverage. It is also a good time to review our insurance policy and make the needed adjustments to the insurance plan.

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