Launching a Cleaning Campaign to Encourage Customers to Clean and Detail Their Cars Before Transport

Launching a Cleaning Campaign to Encourage Customers to Clean and Detail Their Cars Before Transport
Published on April 11, 2023

Tempus Logix has recently launched its Spring Cleaning Campaign to encourage customers to clean and detail their cars before transporting them. This campaign aims to ensure that customers’ cars arrive at their destination in top condition, inside and out.

As an auto shipping company, Tempus Logix understands the importance of maintaining and preparing a vehicle for transport. Regular cleaning and detailing can enhance the car’s appearance and prevent damage to its exterior and interior.

“We believe that a clean and detailed car is not just for aesthetics but also for safety and longevity. Our Spring Cleaning Campaign is an opportunity to encourage our customers to take care of their vehicles and prepare them for transport.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, United States

In addition to offering discounted rates, Tempus Logix will provide tips and advice on proper cleaning and detailing a car on its website and social media channels. Customers can benefit from the company’s years of experience in the auto shipping industry and knowledge of preparing a car for transport.

Earlier, Tempus Logix came up with the ISP concept, which stands for Inspection, Safety, and Protection. Throughout the Spring cleaning campaign, the company aims to spread the word about its ISP concept, which has benefited tens of thousands of clients.

  1. Inspection: Cleaning the car makes it easier to inspect for any existing damages or scratches before car shipping.
  2. Safety: Ensures that the driver or carrier can see any damages or issues that may affect the safety of the transportation. This is especially important for large commercial vehicles carrying multiple cars at once.
  3. Protection: Any dirt or debris left on the car can scratch the surface during transportation, especially if the car is being transported on an open carrier.

Operating in the auto transport industry for more than eight years and moving 45,000 vehicles across the United States played a significant role in developing the company’s knowledge about auto shipping.

April will be a hectic month for Tempus Logix social activities, from supporting local charities to promoting national car care month and environmental campaigns in the auto industry. Tempus Logix is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers, and the Spring Cleaning Campaign is just one example of its dedication to this goal. The company encourages customers to use this opportunity to clean and detail their cars before transport to ensure a safe and successful journey.

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