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Evaluating Auto Shippers through Reviews

Auto Shipping Reviews

Online customer ratings and review platforms that evaluate all types of businesses abound online. Nowadays, potential customers can learn from the experiences of past customers who have dealt with a service provider since every aspect of the service is rated on these platforms.

As usual, the auto shipping industry has its share in the different service review sites. Undeniably, online customer reviews are vital for a sensitive industry like auto transport. While they fairly represent good auto transport companies, online reviews are like a slap in the face for fake and unreliable auto transporters.

Thus, this article addresses the importance of online auto-shipping reviews and how they help evaluate service providers. Moreover, it guides readers to the most popular auto-shipping review websites where they can find authentic customer reviews.

The importance of auto-shipping online reviews

Online platforms are an effective tool to learn more about different service providers, helping potential customers measure how reputable specific auto transport companies are. Here are some of the benefits of national auto shipping reviews.

Provide valuable information

Review websites dedicated to national auto transport can be an excellent resource for both car owners and dealerships seeking comprehensive information about auto shippers. Although nearly all auto transport companies employ knowledgeable customer service teams to handle customer inquiries, it is still important for customers to fact-check the information provided.

Furthermore, some unreliable companies may deceive customers by making promises about service quality that they cannot fulfill. To avoid falling prey to such scams, car owners should research a company’s track record by reviewing previous customers’ experiences, ensuring that the selected company follows through on its promises and meets expectations.

Separate good auto transport companies from bad ones

Both positive and negative reviews can be found on several auto transport review sites. Hence, clients can easily discern reliable auto transporters from dishonest shippers. For instance, if many negative reviews about a particular company address the same problem, this is a clear sign to avoid hiring their services.

On the other hand, high ratings on different platforms with many positive reviews prove an auto transport company’s trustworthiness.

Keep in mind that negative reviews are not always a bad sign. After all, no one company can satisfy all clients, and sometimes mistakes happen. So, check how the company replies to the negative reviews and addresses the issues. It might be a good way to evaluate how much the company cares about its reputation.

Help companies improve

Professional auto transport companies work hard to gain the trust and satisfaction of their customers, which is translated into positive reviews on different rating platforms. However, competent auto shippers proficiently handle negative reviews that constructively criticize the weak points of the provided services.

In fact, negative reviews are not completely bad since they sometimes notify auto transporters of some problems they may need to be aware of. This way, reviews pointing out problems with auto shippers help them improve their services and compete more effectively.

How to evaluate auto shippers?

These are the steps car owners can follow to evaluate a company through national auto shipping review platforms:

  1. Identify a reliable rating platform that allows people to leave their secure auto shipping reviews, ratings, and comments freely—for example, Google, Facebook, and BBB.
  2. Look for the auto transport company on different platforms, and don’t just count on one source.
  3. Check the positive and negative reviews, and check how the company handles negative feedback. It is worth noting that a good auto transport company has more positive reviews than negative ones, professionally handles negative feedback, and is rated at least 4.0 stars.
  4. Reach out to some people who’ve left reviews, if that’s possible, and directly ask about their experience.

Popular auto transport review platforms

We recommend searching for reviews on the following popular and unbiased platforms that provide genuine reviews.

First, Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a reliable information source providing valuable information about American auto shipping companies. It also enables individuals to complain about a specific company and leave comments about their experience.

Google allows online users to review companies and leave comments on their Google Business Profile which is publicly available. It’s worth mentioning that companies can’t remove or edit these comments, and only those who left comments can remove them. Companies can only reply to these comments and try to resolve issues with unsatisfied clients.

In addition to BBB and Google, there are several other platforms like Facebook, which collect many reviews in certain industries. Additionally, Yelp provides a trustworthy rating for many services in the United States.

Tempus Logix has shipped more than 45,000 vehicles nationwide and collected thousands of positive reviews from satisfied clients. This elite auto shipping company is rated 4.9 on Google and Facebook, and A+ on BBB, making it a top player in the auto shipping industry and one of BBB best rated auto transport companies per clients’ reviews.


Online customer reviews help future customers decide the best auto shipping company to hire. Also, they help reliable auto transport companies stand out among other auto shippers and improve their services based on customers’ suggestions.

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