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How Secure are Cars on Truck Trailers?

How Secure are Cars on Truck Trailers

Suppose you are planning to transport your car using an auto transport service. You might be concerned about vehicle safety during the trailer transportation process since loading, moving, and unloading operations involve different risks.

When it comes to car safety on truck trailers, many people don’t know what to check to ensure their cars will have a safe trip. Moreover, they don’t know what procedures shipping companies must follow to provide the best truck transport service. Here are some details about the transportation process and how safe cars are on truck trailers. Many elements join together to guarantee a safe transportation journey.

Professional Drivers are Essential

The most critical security factor is the truck drivers; they are the ones to lead, control, and determine whether the safety system will operate correctly or not. A skillful driver means fewer chances of an accident and more efficient service. Tempus Logix contracts with thousands of experienced truck drivers nationwide to ensure the best truck transport service for the clients.

Driver error is the most crucial cause of transportation accidents. The errors involve driving too fast or too close to other vehicles on the road and loading / unloading mistakes. All of which could lead to damaging your valuable car.

Basic guidelines for truck trailer drivers

Adjust their driving to the type of vehicle they are operating

Dealing with small cars is not the same as dealing with trucks; they have different sizes and features. The car trailers are longer, heavier, and less flexible. Best truck trailers drivers have adjusted their driving habits to all of these features to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Have an excellent physical condition

The physical condition is essential in choosing a trailer driver; the trip duration with few rest stops puts the drivers under tremendous physical and mental strain. A reliable truck transport company should carefully choose the drivers to meet the physical requirements for such a position.

Know everything about transportation regulations

Truck trailer drivers must know about the country’s transportation and shipping regulations, especially if they have to move from one state to another to deliver the cars.

Each Truck Trailer Has Its Safety Measure

Open Auto Transport

This type of service involves loading the cars on open carriers, which leaves the vehicles exposed to dust, rain, and other environmental changes. It doesn’t mean they will harm your vehicle during the transportation process, but no one can control the weather or other surrounding factors.

It’s uncommon for any accident or damage to occur, but the potential is there. However, the open auto carriers provide front and back protection for the vehicles while they’re being kept in place using chains or other methods.

Enclosed Auto Transport

This is the most secure way to transport vehicles. It’s often used by classic car owners who value their vehicles’ safety. It’s quite an expensive service that ensures complete protection from all sides.

Enclosed transportation is explained as shipping cars in box-like trailers that keep them safe from damage. Those truck trailers are sometimes double-decked and equipped with drip pans to prevent the fluid transmission from higher-level cars from reaching lower-level ones.

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How Do the Truck Trailers Stay Stable?

The trailers are made of two main parts; the first is the trailer box, which is made of solid and durable materials. The second part is the tongue, an extension of the box directly connected to the truck. The tongue weight is the primary key to ensuring the trailer stability, which prevents the trailer from swaying and returns it to equilibrium status.

Due to the way the best truck trailers are made, even if some accident happens, the cars won’t fall off in most cases. It requires a heavy crush to cause real damage. Therefore, truck trailers are designed to provide the highest protection to the vehicles it transports.

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Safe Loading and Unloading Operations

Truck trailers are provided with all necessary equipment to make the loading and unloading process secure and safe. Some types of open carrier beds can dope down to the ground allowing a safe and easy load for all vehicles, while enclosed trailers are often equipped with a hydraulic lift which ensures a secure horizontal load for the cars.

After the vehicle is lifted into the truck trailer back, a team of transport professionals will stabilize it using chains and steel wire ropes; however, if a client is seeking complete safety, a driver can replace these chains with straps to add more protection and avoid any possible damage that can happen to the car body and wheels.


Most reliable truck transport companies have an insurance system to cover all sorts of damage related to the shipping process; even if the chances of this occurring are meager, no one can tell what will happen in the future.

A little more care won’t harm. However, there is one condition to benefit from the insurance offered by transportation companies. The car owners must write down or record all details about their vehicle’s status before handing the keys to the staff.


Many people are concerned about whether their cars are secure on reliable truck transport trailers or not; the answer is yes, vehicle transportation with truck trailers is safe and secure.

These trailers have a unique design to maintain their stability on the roads, well-trained drivers adapted to drive heavy-duty vehicles and oversized trailers, different levels of protection from external factors, safe loading / unloading procedures, and insurance to cover any damage.

If you’re too worried about shipping your valuable car, you can save time and pick a professional, reputable company to handle the process on your behalf. Tempus Logix has over 30,000 delivered vehicles in its portfolio across the US, and that’s enough to prove how trustworthy the company is.

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