Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping your Car Across the States

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping your Car Across the States
Published on December 9, 2022

Transporting a car across states is always a concern for car owners; their vehicles will undertake a long hazardous journey on some of the country’s most dangerous highways and routes. As a result, car owners usually get increasingly worried and uneasy, resulting in inefficient planning for their car’s shipment.

A car has to be at its best, secured on the safest trailer, and completely ready for such a risky journey; that’s why none of the mistakes we discuss below should be made.

Here’re the top mistakes to avoid when transporting a car across the states.

1. Hiring an Unreliable Auto Transport Company

A car shipment across the states imposes limitless dangers on the shipped car. The long drive can expose the vehicle to vandalism, accidents, and damages. So, the operating party has to be up to these challenges and has efficient and sufficient knowledge and resources. You must research the company that will transport your car across the states thoroughly and patiently, as your car’s safety will be their responsibility.

To guarantee your car arrives safe and sound, it’s advised to hire a highly experienced company, one that has accumulated knowledge and knows how to handle car shipments of all sizes and types. Tempus Logix is a shining name in the auto transport market lately; Transport Rating classified it among the top five leading service providers in September. With above eight years in the industry and more than 35k successful shipments, Tempus Logix always prevails.

2. Settling for the First Quote You Get

The car shipping quote is among the first things clients consider when shipping their vehicles across the states. All prefer to get the best service for a reasonable price, and that’s worth the trouble. So, you must do your homework, go the extra mile, and look for the most affordable quotes possible.

Auto transport quotes can dramatically vary from one service provider to the other, depending on many factors. So, taking the time to order quotes from multiple auto transport companies, compare them, and settle for the best will definitely cut corners.

3. Not Reading the Insurance Policy

Auto transport insurance is the only way to guarantee your car’s safety against damages during the transport process. However, insurance policies and coverages differ from one company to another. So, you must know your rights to claim coverage in case of an incident.

4. Not Having a Mechanical Check

All auto transport insurance doesn’t cover any damage that happened because of poor maintenance from the car owners’ side. So, if your car is leaking or its engine isn’t starting properly, and additional damages result, the company has nothing to offer you. All insurance policies stop at damages caused by trailers and drivers only; any other thing is on you.

In addition, mechanical issues in a shipped car require additional effort and might even need extra tools to transport it. Consequently, the company will charge a fee in return. So, doing all the maintenance work will save you a great deal of money.

5. Not Cleaning the Car Before the Shipment

Cleaning your car before the shipment is not only neat but also precautious. Once your vehicle is clean, and all the dust and dirt on its body are eliminated, everything will show. The current issues your car has, including scratches, dents, and rust, will be revealed, and you and the carrier driver will become acquainted with the car’s current state. From there on, you can spot any new damage that happened during the transport and claim for insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that by not pointing out current damages and issues before the shipment, you won’t be able, by any means, to claim compensation in case of damage.

6. Filling Your Car’s Gas Tank

One of the most important things that auto transport companies consider when estimating the transport quote is the car’s weight. So, if you want to decrease the transport fee as much as possible, you have to lighten your car by emptying the gas tank.

Experts advise only leaving 1/4 of the gas tank full; such an amount is enough for starting the car in case of an emergency and doesn’t add much to the car’s weight.

7. Leaving Personal Belongings Inside the Car

Shipping a car across states means it will be exposed to passengers and vandals throughout the road. And while carrier drivers can’t keep driving unstoppable, they will take regular breaks, exposing shipped cars to everyone, especially if shipped on an open trailer.

As a result, leaving any precious personal belongings or car accessories is not the wisest idea; items might be stolen, and you can’t say a word about it, as the company’s responsibility, again, ends in damages caused by trailers or carrier drivers, no more, no less.

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Across states, shipments could be perilous, exposing cars to numerous risks and dangers. However, by avoiding the mistakes mentioned above and hiring the right reputable auto transport company, the shipment will go smoothly, and you will receive your car safe and sound without a scratch.

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