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How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Transportation Company in the US?

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Transportation Company in the US?

Finding the best motorcycle transportation company can be quite challenging, considering the large number of shipping companies offering motorcycle transportation services. Therefore, people may get confused, and it may cause them to misidentify the qualified service providers.

A reliable motorcycle transportation company can help avoid all common shipping incidents. Although motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles, they need special equipment to hold them in place during transportation. They also require a trained staff to handle loading and unloading processes efficiently. Therefore, choosing a well-reputed auto transport company results in stress-free motorcycle transportation.

How to Choose The Best Motorcycle Transportation Company?

Remember that choosing the right company is not easy and requires a bit of research. However, here are a few essential factors to confirm before making the final decision:

Go for a licensed auto transport company

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration must authorize all shipping companies to operate legally, following all safety regulations set by the FMCSA, which will submit companies with an MC number to prove their legitimacy.

Auto transport companies often post their MC and USDOT numbers on their website for people to check and verify or provide them when asked. If the company can’t provide those numbers, they are more likely undependable, and it is better not to deal with them.   

Choose a company with relevant motorcycle shipping experience

Best motorcycle transportation companies must be able to prove their adequacy with a track record fueled by successful motorcycle shipping processes. It is important to note that a company’s capability to move a particular type of motorcycle doesn’t mean they are qualified enough to transport all others.

Some companies may be able to ship regular motorcycles. However, they might not have enough experience to move the luxury type, which requires more care and special equipment to implement the shipping task smoothly.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to check whether the company has accomplished shipping a similar motorcycle model successfully or not before deciding to book its services.

The best motorcycle transportation company must have the equipment to handle the shipping process. Although motorcycles are shipped with regular open or enclosed trailers, many other tools are required to hold the vehicle in place and prevent potential damage during transportation.

Moreover, the best motorcycle transportation company must have enough trailers to cover its whole operation territory; so clients can easily schedule a fast shipping order.

Read about Open vs. Enclosed Vehicle Shipping.

Transporting cost and shipping cost calculator

Many people make one of the most common mistakes thinking that booking a low-cost service means they got a good deal, which is far from the truth. While booking the most expensive service can’t guarantee the best transportation experience, going for a cheap one isn’t the most brilliant move either.

Shipping cost is influenced by several factors, including the motorcycle model, shipping method, and distance. As a result, the transport prices vary from one company to another and even within the same company for different moving requests.

Due to these significant cost differences between companies, it will be quite challenging to collect cost-related information to compare and choose the best offer. However, luckily the best motorcycle transportation company provides a motorcycle shipping cost calculator tool on their website to help customers get a free transportation quote in no time. 

Tempus Logix offers an online transportation cost calculator to help clients find out the approximate shipping charges based on their entered parameters. The company is known for its affordable transportation quotes and professional services covering all types of cars, from motorcycles to heavy-duty vehicles. All trailers are available with the required safety tools and trained staff.

Remarkable customer service

A trustworthy motorcycle shipper will always value customers’ time and satisfaction by providing the best customer service possible. They will ensure everyone can reach the customer service personnel to answer all questions, share information, and help provide the right solution. While some auto transport companies offer 24/7 customer service to keep clients updated whenever needed, others provide limited support service.

Review the customer’s feedback online to find out about the service quality and what other people have said about the company’s transportation services. Another recommended approach is reading negative comments and how the company replied back to address people’s complaints. Although it’s impossible to find a company with only positive comments, handling negative comments professionally is a good sign of a trustworthy company.


Companies that refuse to provide insurance on the pretext that all their previous deliveries were successful can’t be trusted. The professional auto transport company will employ all its capabilities and experience to ensure a high protection rate during shipping.

However, they will still offer insurance coverage to allow motorcycle owners to ease their minds about their bikes’ safety. Remember that you can negotiate the insurance terms with the auto transport company to reach a mutual agreement.


After deciding to transport a motorcycle, the first step is to look for the best motorcycle transport company. You have to ensure the selected company adheres to the US regulations in the auto transport industry and can provide all required trailers, equipment, and staff to handle the transportation process from A to Z.

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