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Car Shipping Cost in the USA: How to Negotiate the Best Deal?

Car Shipping to Maryland

Whether you’re a college student relocating to a new state, an employee moving to a distant office outside the city, or a bored person seeking a vacation, it’s essential to have your car wherever you go to make your life easier and avoid wasting time and money on public transportation.

Auto shipping services are becoming more welcomed by everyone, and more and more people consider it an alternative to driving long distances. However, many people view the car shipping cost as overpriced and budget-breaking.

So, if you’re one of those looking for ways to ship your car affordably, this article will provide all the information about car shipping costs in the United States.

How to Get the Best Car Shipping Deal?

Get multiple quotes

Since car shipping costs differ from company to company, you should never hire any before entertaining at least two different offers. There are many ways you can get a car shipping quote. For example, you can use the online car shipping cost calculator, call customer service, or visit the auto shipping company in person. The best part is that you can request as many quotes as possible; it’s a free service.

Once you have quotes from different auto shipping companies, you can compare the quality of their services and eliminate the ones not fulfilling your requirements. Remember that you must balance benefits with costs and not fall for the low-price offers because, as the saying goes, the devil hides in the details.

Make an Early Reservation

Auto shipping companies usually have a very crowded schedule for car shipments around the states. So, to guarantee your car arrives at its destination when you want for the price you can afford, it’s better to place the transport order ASAP. You also must remember that auto shipping companies impose additional fees on last-minute or late car shipping orders.

Use an Open Trailer

The most popular and affordable shipping method is the open trailer. This shipping carrier is less expensive than others because it doesn’t consume a lot of fuel, fits up to 8 cars of different sizes and models, and is relatively easy to drive.

The open trailer is a safe way to transport vehicles as it secures them completely using the most advanced equipment and strategies. Its only drawback is being open, and cars on it are exposed to road hazards and weather conditions. So, if your vehicle isn’t luxurious or classical, the open car transport is a safe and money-saving option.

Don’t Ship Your Car in the Peak Seasons

Most auto transport companies increase their car shipping cost during summer and springtime as the demand for the service boosts. So, avoid shipping your car at these times and place your shipping order during off-seasons only, as it will dramatically decrease the car shipping cost. 

Have Flexible Pick Up and Delivery Locations

Car shipping companies provide clients two options for dropping off and picking up their vehicles. They can either choose the terminal-to-terminal or the door-to-door shipping service. 

Go for the terminal-to-terminal shipping service. You will have to drive your car to the company’s terminal, where all vehicles heading to the same location gather to be hauled and transported by professional drivers. However, the door-to-door shipping service is more convenient; the trailer picks up and drops off your car at the nearest point to your house without needing to drive it anywhere.

Reasonably, the most convenient service will cost more, so to negotiate the best car shipping cost, it’s advisable to choose the terminal-to-terminal shipping service. 

Prepare Your Car Properly

Because the shipping cost heavily depends on the vehicle’s weight, you must do everything to confirm your car is as light as possible. So, you must empty your fuel tank and leave only a quarter of it full. 

Moving on from your car’s weight, an inoperable vehicle with a dead battery will cost additional fees, as it requires special handling. So, ensure your car is working, and its battery is fully charged. 

Also, remember to look for leaks and fix them because auto shipping companies oblige an extra fee for transporting cars with such issues. Some auto transport companies don’t ship leaking cars, so this step is critical.

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Consider Using the Services of a Broker

Finding the best carrier to ship your car can be tense and challenging, especially with the increased number of auto shipping companies in the industry. So, if you want to save yourself the headache and find a reputable shipping company simultaneously, use the service of an auto transport broker.

Auto transport brokers have considerable and extensive knowledge about the ins and outs of auto shipping. So, they can recommend you to the best companies and get you great deals. 

The Bottom Line 

Hiring an auto transport company won’t break your budget if you follow the tips mentioned above. And if you’re looking for the most professional and affordable auto shipping service, contact Tempus Logix, as it has moved over 30,000 vehicles safely and successfully across the United States.

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