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How to Ship a Damaged Car

Transport Damaged Car

It’s not fun being in a car crash, even in a minor one, especially when you are in a foreign state and need to get your wrecked car out of there and back home. Usually, a vehicle that has been in an accident is more likely to become a non-runner (non-working car), meaning it has functional issues or missing essential components that make it unsafe to drive. So today, we have made up some notable things you need to consider before shipping your damaged vehicle. 

Preparing Your Crashed Car for Shipping after an Accident

When you reach out to a auto transport company to get your wrecked vehicle delivered right to your door, you need to make sure to provide as many details as possible about your vehicle’s condition. For example, the hauler has to know whether the car brakes, rolls, steers, has a full fuel tank, or any fluid leaks in a vehicle. Also, make sure your vehicle is pointing forward, the transmission puts in neutral, and the parking brake is working correctly.

To protect your vehicle during car transport, we advise inspecting your car and taking photographs to help with the condition report once the carrier arrives. And also, having concrete proof with you is the main guarantee to claim indemnification if your automobile gets damaged during transport. 

Special Equipment Needs to Transport Your Damaged Car

When shipping damaged or semi-functional vehicles, a carrier needs special equipment to load and unload them on and off a hauler trailer. Usually, using the hydraulic auto lift, also referred to as a forklift, is the only way to carry out damaged vehicles’ loading/discharging process. Of course, everything depends on your car condition as if it doesn’t run but still rolls, brakes, and steers; it can easily be pulled onto a trailer using a winch. Otherwise, if you ship a damaged or non-working car, a carrier needs proper tools to freight your damaged vehicle onto a flatbed trailer. 

Don’t Ship a Wrecked Car on Your Own

You may wonder why you cannot grab a few pals and try to load, either by pushing or dragging, your damaged car onto a standard truck. At first glance, it may seem a good option, but it entirely contradicts all safety rules that you can find in the auto transport literature. First of all, it’s unsafe to load/discharge a non-runner without using special equipment, such as forklift, flatbed truck, winch trailer, or rollback tow truck. Second, it may result in considerable damage to your car, exceeding even the shipping cost. Here is why it’s best to hire professionals to handle your car shipping, whether it’s damaged or totaled. 

The Final Word

When speaking of shipping a car after an accident, the primary thing you need to be concerned about is finding a reliable company specializing in crashed car transportation. With Tempus Logix, you can have your car (either new or wracked, operable or non-running) shipped wherever you need. In addition, our company offers professional services, reasonable delivery windows, and carriers with full insurance coverage. And what about pricing? In the vehicle shipping sector, Tempus Logix has the most competitive rates.

Whatever you decide about shipping your car after an accident, know that Tempus Logix is here to help you transport your vehicle smoothly and efficiently.

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