Overview of the Auto Shipping Industry in the United States

Overview of the Auto Shipping Industry in the United States
Published on February 11, 2023

Several factors, changes, and challenges worldwide impact the American auto transport industry in one way or another. International and local events are responsible for auto transport market fluctuations or stability.

As long as the American economy sees growth and prosperity, it reflects positively on the auto transport industry nationwide. However, whenever the economy goes into recession, its drawbacks affect the auto transport industry similarly.

This article provides some important statistics and facts about the auto transport industry in the United States. Before jumping to the numbers and details, we must demonstrate how this industry is defined and works.

Defining the auto transport industry

Huge heavy carriers moving different kinds of vehicles between cities, across states, and throughout the world is what summarizes the regular work pattern of the auto transport industry. Even if you have never shipped a car with an auto transport company, you have probably seen one of these large trucks on the road or in the major public streets loading and unloading vehicles.

There are different services the auto shipping industry provides, including transporting vehicles on ships, long-distance over-the-road shipments, transporting vehicles in railroad cars, and local transportation on trucks. Additionally, these companies offer other car hauls options like enclosed auto-shipments, open-air vehicle shipment, and door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car transport.

Keep in mind that not all auto shipping companies provide all these options. To recognize the services an auto shipping company provides, reach out to them and ask directly whether they offer the services you wish for or not.

It is worth mentioning that when people need to move their vehicles, they must consider using the services of only trusted and reputable auto shipping service providers. Auto transport companies in the United States are in thousands, but not all of them are on a level of reliability or follow strict car hauling standards and measures.

For an auto shipping company to be reputable and well-established, it should comply with the auto hauling rules and standards set by the USDOT and FMCSA, just like Tempus Logix does. Besides being licensed and bonded with FMCSA, the company has years of experience handling many auto-hauling requests, making it dependable to haul a vehicle safely and properly across the States.

Furthermore, Tempus Logix’s professional staff has practical knowledge and experience in the field; they are responsive and committed to following up with clients throughout the auto transportation process, making the company stand out among the various options in the market.

How does the auto transport business work?

Simply put, the auto transport business stakeholders comprise carriers, dispatchers, and brokers. Most of the auto transport companies out there are brokers who don’t own any carriers, and they rather network shippers with freight haulers and work on a commission basis.

Most people who want to move their vehicles contact an auto shipping company. Then, this company communicates with the drivers they collaborate with. Once the best car-hauling deal is found, brokers call their clients back to provide them with the shipment details and arrangements.

Brokers usually provide their customers with an estimated time of arrival, during which vehicles are expected to reach their destinations. The carrier driver arrives at the place of pick-up, makes an inspection of the vehicle with its owner, loads it to the back of the carrier, and drives it to its new location. Then, at the time of delivery, another inspection is made by the driver and the car’s owner before handing the car over to them in the area of delivery.

Auto transport industry facts and stats

The importance of the auto shipping industry comes from being an integral part of the auto industry, which is by itself significant to the American economy. It provides several crucial benefits for the market and the working force.

Market size

The market size of the auto transport industry in the United States will be $10.9bn in 2023, with expectations to increase by 1.3% in the same year.

Major contributor

The auto transport industry’s performance is closely tied to the sales of new cars and light trucks. A rise in sales leads to a higher demand for the transportation of vehicles from manufacturers to dealerships and other markets, resulting in a surge in vehicle freight

Businesses and employees

There are currently 4,848 auto transport businesses in the United States, with 48,422 employees from various categories.

Average driver wage

Trucking is a demanding profession, but it can be rewarding. During peak seasons, truck drivers can expect to work for 50 hours per week or even more. The average hourly wage for a heavy truck driver is slightly above $21, while a light truck driver earns around $18 per hour.


In summary, the auto shipping industry is profitable when it follows safety and legalization standards. The industry has a promising future with expectations of growth and emerging technological advancements for the benefit of auto-hauling workers.

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