Indiana Auto Transport Companies

Indiana Auto Transport Companies
Published on October 10, 2022 at 10:28 am GMT

Indiana has always been a professional racing hometown since the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built in 1909. And cars racing enthusiasts worldwide head to Indiana to participate in its famous races. So, it will always be a cut-throat competition and needs sufficient preparation.

Preparing your car for the race track is the first step towards winning. So, here’s how to prepare your winning automobile for the race as a pro.

Consult a Mechanic

A whole series of adventures is waiting for your sports car in Indiana. So, you better ensure it’s ready to undertake this riskiness readily. Get your sports car to a reputable mechanic to assess its overall performance and what kind of maintenance it needs.

Tires must be in a perfect state, there shouldn’t be any fluid leaks, and engine components shouldn’t have any sludge or carbon. Do all the repair and maintenance work, the mechanic advises, as there’s no chance to bet.

Check the Brakes

The brake system is the number one priority for car races. Brakes should be working and responding duly. Experts recommend installing brake and track specification pads; you should also ensure sufficient brake fluid.

Detail Your Car

You’re going to one of Indiana’s popular car races, and there will be press coverage, many competitors, and more people. So, your car should look its best. Ensure you clean your car’s rims impeccably by cleaning the door jambs, tires, undercarriage, windows, mirrors, dashboard, and steering wheel.

Remember to leave your clean vehicle in the garage away from sunlight, as the boiling sun might cause soap residue and completely ruin your handsome car’s appearance. Experts also advise polishing and sealing your car to give it the final shiny look.

Remove the Floor Mats

Some sports cars have floor mats under their pedals. If your vehicle has any of them, ensure you pull them out. If you’re racing for the first time, this issue might not occur to your mind, but you might unintendedly push them while driving, causing them to block your access to the pedals. And in worst-case scenarios, mats might get into your way to push the brakes at the right time, causing a terrible accident.

Don’t Forget Your Racing Gear. 

The adrenaline is at its highest levels, and the temptation to sink into your comfortable car seat, clutching the steering wheels, and push the gas pedal as hard as possible is at its peak.

However, you can’t kick off your race unarmed. A successful and safe drive is never complete without the safety equipment that will keep you from any accident. Pack your suit, gloves, and racing shoes. We also recommend using a HANS device, a head and neck support device that reduces the possibility of a severe head or neck injury in case of a serious accident. Motorcyclists mainly use this kind of device. However, many car racers use it as an extra precaution.

Hire an Indiana Auto Transport Company

Driving your sports car to Indiana isn’t the wisest decision ever because you can’t expect what you might encounter along the road. You might get into an accident, the engine breaks down, or the tires deflate.

If nothing of what’s mentioned above happens, you will definitely put wear on your car, expose it to dust and mud, and consequently dirty it. So, why risk your pretty sports car’s shape and safety? The most rational call in your case is hiring an Indiana auto transport company.

A professional company will guarantee your vehicle the safest trip on a secure trailer. However, not all auto transport companies are trustworthy. So, confirm the Indiana auto transport company you hire meets these criteria:

Long years of experience

It’s your lovely, precious sports car, which is about to undertake a thrilling adventure. So, you must want to ensure it arrives in Indiana, the same state you left it in, clean, safe, and sound.

Unfortunately, you can’t achieve that by hiring an unreliable Indiana auto transport company; instead, you have to look for one that has been operating different shipments and knows how to transport a car safely.

An experienced auto transport company must have completed many successful auto shipments. Tempus Logix has moved over 30k vehicles for clients of different types, including companies, individuals, car collectors, and others; many have already shared their experiences online and posted positive feedback, and that’s a good sign you can count on when choosing the right auto transportation provider.

Fair price

Logically, a new and inexperienced Indiana auto transport company won’t charge the same prices as one with extensive experience. Some people might get attracted to the reduced fees and rush to hire this unreliable company.

However, that’s completely false; a dependable company offers fair prices that correlate with the valuable services they perform. So, don’t you ever feel drawn to compromise the price over quality; you will feel contrite when your car arrives damaged.

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Valid insurance

All reliable Indiana auto transport companies must have an insurance policy that protects shipped vehicles during transport. So, we highly recommend requesting a copy of the insurance policy to verify its validity and confirm the coverage is suitable for your preferences.


After preparing your sports car and hiring a good auto transport company, you must now be ready to dominate the race.

“Gentlemen, start your engines!”

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