Is Auto Shipping Worth It?

Is Auto Shipping Worth It?
Published on February 13, 2024

Hiring an auto transport company to move a car within or across state lines raises many concerns and questions. One of the primary concerns that arise is whether the cost of shipping a car is worth the service.

Car owners may want to ensure they get the best value for their money, especially since transporting a car can be a significant expense. Additionally, car owners may be hesitant to trust someone else with their vehicle and, therefore, may have reservations about using an auto transport company.

However, the convenience of transporting cars with a professional auto transport company is worth the service’s cost. This article further explains why hiring a professional car shipping company is more convenient for vehicle shipment.

Auto Shipping Services Costs vs. Convenience

It is vital to thoroughly research the auto transport company’s history, experience, and reliability before hiring it to ship a valuable car. Generally, most car shipping companies offer great value for money regarding services’ costs. Here are some benefits auto transport companies can guarantee for their clients.

Customized auto shipping services

Auto transport companies provide various shipping options that cater to the needs and preferences of car owners. If the services do not cover particular specifications required for shipping a specific car, auto transporters are willing to tailor their services to meet any unique requirements the client communicates. The car shipping services that cater to clients’ convenience include both open and enclosed auto transport.

Open transport type

Opting for open-air trailers is a popular choice among individuals who wish to transport their cars, mainly due to their affordability. Moreover, open trailers are ideal for shipping regular and sedan cars commonly driven on roads.

Enclosed transport type

Enclosed auto transport involves using trucks with walls and roofs to shield the cargo from various elements during transportation. This type of auto transport is particularly convenient for individuals who own exotic, unique, and classic cars, as well as car collectors.

In addition, auto transport companies also provide flexible options for the pick-up and drop-off of the transported vehicles.

Door-to-door services

The door-to-door pick-up and delivery service involves the auto transporter collecting the car from the client’s location and transporting it to the new address, as long as the provided area is reachable for the hauling trailer. This alternative is more convenient for car owners as it eliminates the need to drive the vehicle to the company’s parking lot, particularly if it’s in a distant location. Additionally, car owners don’t have to find transportation back home after dropping off their cars.

Terminal-to-terminal services

Auto transport companies provide another alternative to customers who prefer a more cost-effective option and are willing to drive their cars to the company’s parking lot. This is referred to as the terminal-to-terminal car pick-up and drop-off service, where clients must deliver their vehicles to the auto transport company for transportation. Once the cars reach their destination, the car owners must retrieve them from the company’s terminal.

Open and enclosed auto transport types, in addition to door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services, are examples of the varied and customized service options provided by auto transport companies. Moreover, other auto shipping options for car owners’ special needs include expedited auto shipping services for those with tight schedules.

Shipping multiple vehicles

The possibility of shipping multiple cars at once with the same auto transporter is another convenient benefit. Many American households own more than one car, in addition to dealerships shipping cars in bulk.

Therefore, it is much more convenient for both parties to hire a professional auto shipper to arrange for the transportation of their cars from A to Z than doing the task themselves, incurring additional costs, and handling all the stress and planning.

Most importantly, auto transporters also offer customers generous discounts on shipping more than one car simultaneously. So, car owners benefit from the added convenience at an attractive auto shipping price.

Peace of mind

Simply put, when you hire an auto transport company, you are paying for your peace of mind. This means that car owners can avoid the hassle of driving their cars for long distances, adding mileage to the car and increasing its wear and tear.

On the other hand, cars maintain their value when transported with a reliable auto shipper that can maintain their good condition. Furthermore, driving on highway speed limits and under bad weather conditions is hazardous for inexperienced drivers. Not to mention the inconveniences of having the vehicle break down during the trip and the added repair expenses in the long run.


Hiring an auto transport company for car shipments ensures a convenient relocation. Auto transport companies provide car owners with customized auto shipping services and peace of mind, making shipping easier than ever.

Tempus Logix is an example of an auto transport service worth its cost. With over 90,000 shipped vehicles over eight years of doing business, the company has collected thousands of online reviews from satisfied clients with a 4.9/5 rating on Google and Facebook, and an A+ rating on BBB, making it one of BBB’s best auto shipping companies.

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