Tips on What to Look for in Enclosed Auto Transport Companies

Tips on What to Look for in Enclosed Auto Transport Companies
Published on May 18, 2022 at 12:25 pm GMT

Have you ever tried to type “Enclosed Auto Transport Companies in my city” in your search engine? If yes, you were surprised by tons of results, making it more challenging to decide what company to hire.

Searching for a trustworthy auto transport company is challenging, especially if you are moving a classic and collectible car from one place to another. So, you must be puzzled and overwhelmed. However, we will make that job easier for you by providing the top 7 tips on what to look for in Enclosed Auto Transport Companies.

Make sure the company is registered

The auto transport industry is one of the most regulated industries, watched over by (DOT) the Department of Transport, and (FMCSA) the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; Enclosed Auto Transport Companies must follow all safety and insurance regulations by FMCSA.

Once the company completes the registration process, it will be issued an MC number and DOT number to operate its work legally.

Although it seems obvious to check whether the vehicle transport company you want to deal with is registered, many people forget to confirm this before booking the service. If the company doesn’t provide you with their MC number or is “not authorized,” it is better to get them off the list and look for a registered company.

They must be insured

Selecting a registered company is essential, but it is not enough to ensure the adequate protection you seek for your car. Enclosed auto transport companies must maintain insurance to clarify what damage or accident they will cover and be responsible for.

Ask for a copy of the insurance papers and verify if it is up to date with the service provider. Ensure the transport company can file a claim on your behalf when needed; this way, you won’t be responsible for anything during the car shipping. 

Choose a company with relevant experience

Enclosed auto transport is often used to move classic and collectible cars (Read more about Advantages of Enclosed Auto Transport). Therefore, a wide experience and qualified staff are required to ensure the transported vehicle’s safety.

Experience is a critical factor when comparing different Enclosed Auto Transport Companies; it is the best way to verify if the company is eligible enough to carry the shipping task.

It is not a good idea to go for a company that doesn’t have an excellent track record of successful transport operations; since the record is proof of their accomplishments through the years.

Read other customers’ reviews

Customer reviews can reveal a lot about the service. Fortunately, people no longer need to look for someone who has hired a specific company and call them to ask about the details. Social media platforms and specialized websites can save you time and effort by presenting you with tons of reviews written by customers who have received the transport service you want to use.

Enclosed Auto Transport Companies usually reply to reviews written on their websites; you can benefit from this by looking at their responses to negative comments; if they ignore it or don’t give a proper explanation, then it is more likely that you will be treated the same way if you go for their service.

Check the payment options

Payment methods say a lot about the company; several options mean that the company does care for its customer’s satisfaction. Professional Enclosed Auto Transport Companies offer payment options such as credit cards, cashier’s checks, and debit cards. You have to be careful not to deal with service providers who only accept wire transfer methods since it is challenging to trace compared with other choices.

Look for a company that suits your needs and budget

All Enclosed Auto Transport Companies provide the leading service, shipping vehicles, and equipment from point A to B. Still, you might have noticed that each offers different prices because complementary services are not everywhere.

When looking for a reliable car shipping company, it is essential to consider the whole service package, including tracking and delivery options, e.g., door-to-door service, delivery time, and insurance. After getting enough information, you will evaluate the quotes and make the right decision.

Don’t choose a company just because the price is low; similarly, a high price doesn’t always mean the service will be better, find the correct balance between what you want and what you are willing to pay. Find out What Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs.

Too-good-to-be-true deals don’t exist

Trustworthy Enclosed Auto Transport Companies care a lot about their reputation; they will always provide the best service for the right price. Auto transport is not easy since it takes time, effort, proper vehicles, and qualified employees. Thus, auto transport companies can’t offer their services for a low price.

If a company offers to transport your vehicle for a very low price, they are not trustworthy; it may take them a long time, or they use low-quality tools and equipment.


Now you are aware of the basis to compare Enclosed Auto Transport Companies. It is the time to make the right decision and hire a company you can trust with your vehicle.   Tempus Logix is a vehicle transportation company with years of experience across the United States. The company has delivered over 30,000 vehicles of different types—a reliable and affordable auto-transportation company with over 1000 reviews from satisfied clients.

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