Tips for Stress-Free Nationwide Auto Transport

Tips for Stress-Free Nationwide Auto Transport
Published on June 17, 2021

Making Nationwide Auto Transport Stress-Free

Shipping a car nationwide can be very stressful for people, especially for those who have never done so and preparing for it for the first time. A variety of reasons can cause that stress, from budget to uncertainty and time. Tempus Logix understands all these factors and tries to eliminate them when serving its customers. We always offer the best price without being hungry to make an extra profit, we are fully transparent, and the timeframe for pick-up and delivery we provide is the narrowest. Of course, eradicating these major stressors still will not entirely rid the anxiety related to car shipment.

Here are some tips to reduce stress while using auto transport services.

3 Tips for Reducing Stress during Auto Shipping

The number one on our list is the company with which you intend to have your vehicle moved. It is indispensable to choose the right service provider from the beginning. Every problem will most likely stem from having picked the wrong team.

The Internet provides a good starting point for finding a reliable carrier. Google and Uship reviews can say a lot about car shipping services. We should note, however, that there is not one perfect vehicle transportation company that has satisfied every customer at all times. When reading the reviews, we believe the ones that need the most attention are the ones from customers who were not happy with the service. They will reflect the companies’ character and quality by demonstrating how they answered those reviews and how they planned to amend the situation. Some companies will move on after they have closed the deal and got their money. You want to stay away from those. They will cause maximal stress. 

By law, all auto logistics coordinators must only work with insured carriers. However, some companies are so eager to find a driver to move a car that they forget to check their carriers’ insurance status.

Tempus Logix always views the active status of the insurance on paper before assigning a shipment. Customers are free to inquire about insurance, but a conscientious shipping company must confirm this long before they do so. Not only do they have to confirm that immediately, but they also have to say how they are going to help them when a claim is made. Again, certain companies that know that under the law they are not liable when something goes wrong during shipping will simply redirect customers to the carriers, and nothing more.

A good car shipping company will always be by their patrons’ side to continue coordinating smooth transactions. They will do more than just redirecting. They will follow up all the time until the matter settles.  The last one but not least on our list is the communication that auto transport provides. We think effective communication is what alleviates customers’ stress. Not every company has the ability to exchange information with their clients. When asking questions and getting answers and the time it takes, the consumer may have a sense of proper communication. From the beginning, the customers should verify the information provided. If it has the slightest hint of untruth, the customers should not trust them. If they overlook that, they may go through constant headaches in the process of their shipment.

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