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Is It Safe to Ship a Car?

Is It Safe to Ship a Car

To answer this question, almost all the articles on the web say that it depends on what company you choose to do the transporting; customers should do their research to mark their checklist in terms of safety. Then, they also say that the transportation type, that is an enclosed vehicle transport or open transport type, would also affect the risk factors and costs.

However, it also happens that some companies in their articles falsely claim that it is safer to transport vehicles with companies that own their trailers, and not with the ones who contract the shipment, such as broker companies. The truth of the matter is that no one company in the States has that many personal trucks to meet the demand for car transportation. So, the very same companies who make these erroneous claims turn into semi-broker companies themselves because they cannot process all the orders on time. Had this not been the case, then there would have been one big company doing all the transporting. Naturally, with no choice, it forces companies to outsource either way.

Tempus Logix has done thousands of cars and heavy equipment transport nationally with no issues.  Our secret is not a secret at all. The key to our success lies in the relationship with our carriers. When we are processing an order and coordinating the pickup, we do not just assign the job to any given carrier on the board to transfer our customers’ valuable property just because we can make some money. We consider all the variables, even the drivers’ personalities. Having done this many heavy equipment and car shipments, we got to know the people whom we trust. Besides, we take other things into account as well. For instance, there is a carrier who transported a car safely, but was rude to our customer and our customer did not like the whole experience. The next time when we are about to do business with the same driver, we think twice because we consider all the feedback from our patrons. Nevertheless, we know many excellent and responsible drivers whose professionalism makes it possible for us to trust the transit of our customers’ property in a safe and timely manner.

Tempus Logix is a company comprised of people with values and understanding. It is not a system where it does things mechanically. Our specialists care for every car or heavy equipment transported as they would have cared for their own most valuable property.

So, is it safe to ship a car? We cannot speak for others, but with Tempus Logix, we guarantee safe and secure car shipment.

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