The Best and Worst Highways in the US

The Best and Worst Highways in the US
Published on May 5, 2023 at 1:10 pm GMT

The United States is home to a wide network of roadways and highways. This network, however, includes roads of all types, lengths, and safety levels. Some are safe and enjoyable to drive on, while others are always avoided due to their low safety level and the risk and challenge of taking them.

Among the four-million-mile roadway network the United States boost, here we’re highlighting the top two best and worst highways in the US.

The best highways in the US

1.      Route 66

Route 66 is among the most famous and historic routes in the US. And that’s attributed to its charming scenic views; it overlooks many striking natural attractions, including deserts, forests, etc.

This route also stands for the American spirit, as it served as a gateway for World War two and the Vietnam War’s veteran soldiers; most of them pursued it to return to their hometown, the United States.

This route stretches over 2400 miles long, starting in Chicago and ending in California, running through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico until it finally ends in Santa Monica.

2.      Blue Ridge Parkway

Waving through the most breathtaking attractions of North Carolina and Virginia, the 496-mile-long Parkway is one of the best highways in the US. A drive on this route will be absolutely memorable as the highway penetrates a lush, abundant forest; trees will travel all around the car throughout the trip. 

The drive is safe and easy, according to many drivers who take this route regularly. However, the road might be closed due to snow and ice weather conditions. 

The best part about driving on Blue Ridge Parkway is that one won’t only enjoy the drive, but there are many attractions to see and more activities to enjoy. A driver can enjoy a hike or even accommodation in one of the Parkway’s popular inns, Red Rocket Inn.

The worst highways in the US

1.      Oklahoma State Highway 9

This highway, stretching from Texas to Arkansas, with all its blind curves, reckless drivers, and speeding cars, is classified as one of the most dangerous highways in the US. Fatal crashes occur on this highway every year, and that’s attributed to the long emergency response time that could reach 12 minutes. Between 2010 and 2016, around 50 accidents occurred on this highway; victims reached 60, as well.

2.      Route 93 in Arizona

Arizona’s 93 route is among the worst places to drive in the United States. It stretches over a remote area distant from any type of emergency help or people; it takes at least 21 minutes for help to arrive. And sadly, between 2010 and 2016, this route witnessed over 90 fatalities.

Tips for safe driving on both the best and worst highways in the US

1.      Plan beforehand

Even if a driver knows each inch of the US highways, hitting the road without a good plan might cause many inconveniences. Planning a trip includes pointing out stops and refilling stations along the way and planning breaks and sleep time. 

2.      Check the car

Whether it’s a short or long drive or on a safe or dangerous highway, one must always be cautious and ensure their car is perfectly ready for the drive. Because speed limits on highways are high, the chances of accidents are always there. And if a car breaks down in fast-moving traffic, an accident can be fatal. So, one has to ensure that their car is operating properly and is ready for a highway drive. 

3.      Take frequent breaks

Long drives expose vehicles to the utmost risks, an engine might heat up, a battery might die, etc. However, those risks and many others could be avoided by pulling over and giving the car a short break. Not only do cars need breaks to operate efficiently; rather, drivers need to take a breath and grab a bite to be able to go on with the drive safely. 

4.      Hire a reputable auto transport company

Sometimes, one can avoid all risks and dangers associated with long highway drives by assigning the task to a professional. Auto transport companies with licenses, permits, long experience, and well-maintained carriers, can ship a car to and from any area in the US.

However, one has to be selective and follow very strict standards before hiring an auto transport company. It should be a long-experienced service provider that works in compliance with the law.

Tempus Logix is a veteran service provider that has been shipping all types of vehicles for a long time now; it’s one of the leading companies in the industry. In addition, its clients are always satisfied with the quality and punctuality of its services. Tempus Logix’s quotes are also affordable and comply with the high-quality service it ensures.

The bottom line

Whether it’s a good, safe highway or a bad, risky one, a driver must always be careful and cautious. However, we always recommend avoiding driving on dangerous highways such as those stated previously and, if possible, assigning the driver to a professional specialist who guarantees the vehicle’s safety.

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