Online Platforms for Selling and Buying EVs

Online Platforms for Selling and Buying EVs
Published on March 13, 2024

The online car trading market addresses the growing demand for simplified car shopping experiences. The more people value comforting solutions over traditional ones, the more it has influenced a booming online car buying and selling market, particularly for electric vehicles (EVs).

Also, the increased popularity of EVs has contributed to the emergence of several online platforms that cater to this niche market, offering a seamless and hassle-free way to buy and sell EVs. This article suggests the three best online platforms for selling and buying electric cars. Then, it highlights the most important step after buying a car online: delivering it to your home.

The Best 3 Online EV Buying and Selling Platforms

The following features three of the best platforms for selling and buying EVs online, which are the most popular among various other available options:


Carvana is a pioneer online car marketplace famous for its user-friendly platform. It allows buyers to browse and compare EVs and schedule test drives and sellers to submit their vehicle information for an instant cash offer easily.

After choosing a car, buyers can pick it up from Carvana’s innovative vending machines or order door delivery. Carvana offers a set of incentives for customers, including:

  1. Three payment options: financing with Carvana, paying with cash, and self-arranged financing.
  2. Optional comprehensive insurance and gap coverage.
  3. 7-day return policy and 100 worry-free limited warranty.

Find My Electric

Find My Electric is another famous online EV marketplace for EV enthusiasts. It allows them to browse listings for a variety of top electric cars from prominent brands like Tesla, Rivian, and Porsche.

Find My Electric offers sellers the convenience of creating their own listings, submitting their EV cash offer requests, and directly connecting them with buyers.

Additionally, the platform caters to buyers’ needs by offering the largest used EV selection with a seamless browsing experience. This allows them to filter options and securely connect with sellers. is the United States’ second-largest digital marketplace and the best website for selling and buying cars online. It offers sellers two ways to sell their cars: selling them to a dealer in the network or listing them on also offers buyers an easy-to-navigate platform with a consistent browsing experience. It helps them make informed buying decisions through its extensive data resources and innovative tools.

Car Shipping for Online Buyers

The convenience of buying or selling a car online goes beyond easy navigation of endless EV options and offers, with hassle-free last-mile EV delivery. There is no need to worry about how to ship a car after buying it online, as car shippers offer customized services that cater to the growing trend of online EV trading and delivery.

Moreover, car shipping companies offer special incentives for shipping online-bought EVs, making the process more attractive for buyers and sellers, including:

  1. Door-to-door Delivery: Car shippers provide home delivery services for EVs, transporting vehicles directly to buyers’ doorways. This service significantly accounts for the increased appeal of online car buying as it enhances convenience and reduces the hassle of arranging pickup and delivery at separate locations.
  2. White Glove Service: Some EVs’ new owners seek extra care for their vehicles during shipping. So, car shippers offer white glove services that include detailed cleaning, protective wrapping, and in-transit monitoring to ensure the vehicle arrives in good condition.

Special Services for Shipping EVs Across the Country

In addition to the above-mentioned car shipping incentives that fuel the online car trading trend, car shippers provide special services for shipping EVs with the best care. These services are also meant to meet safety standards for shipping cargo with flammable materials.

Battery Management

EVs with high-voltage batteries require car shippers to implement specialized battery management procedures. These procedures ensure the batteries are safely transported and maintained during transit by monitoring battery temperature and charging levels, which helps minimize potential damage or hazards.

EV Charging Infrastructure

EV charging infrastructure is expanding nationwide, with car shippers doing their share by incorporating this infrastructure into their operations. This step is crucial to improve long-distance EV shipping. It also allows for charging EVs en route, which is necessary to extend its range and minimize the need for lengthy refueling stops.

EV-Friendly Transportation Equipment

Car shippers invest in specialized equipment for shipping EVs, such as low-deck trailers and modified ramps. They also use secure tie-down systems that accommodate EVs’ unique dimensions and weight distribution.

EV Specialists and Knowledge

Car shippers hire and train personnel with expertise in EVs to handle these vehicles with care and understanding; this ensures proper handling and troubleshooting during transit.

Tempus Logix is a professional auto shipping company based in the United States and provides a wide variety of nationwide car shipping services for individuals and businesses. The company is glad to offer special incentives for online car buyers, including car pre-inspection and flexible online delivery services.


The online car trading market for EVs continues evolving, offering various platforms catering to different preferences and needs. Whether seeking the convenience of a fully online process or the personalized touch of a dedicated EV community, there’s a platform that suits every EV buyer and seller. Once you buy an electric car online, car shippers are ready to arrange a straightforward and efficient delivery to your preferred location.

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