Summer and Winter Car Transport

Summer and Winter Car Transport
Published on February 2, 2024

The auto transport market is seasonal, so it gets affected by the different weather conditions. Weather conditions, in turn, affect the car transport service’s demand and prices. So, people usually think twice before shipping their cars: is the season timely? Should they wait more time? Will they pay more?

Summer and winter are the leading seasons in the auto transport industry; each one imposes its own rules on the car transport game. So, car owners should have a clear idea about the pros and cons, so they can decide which is the better time to place their car shipping order.

Summer or winter car transport? What’s the best time and what to bear in mind before deciding? Here’s everything you need to know.

Pros of summer car transport 

●       Safety

Transporting a car during the warm summer times ensures your car arrives unscathed. Because the sun, no matter how harsh, won’t be able to harm your vehicle. In addition, car transport in summer ensures your car arrives safe and sound no matter whether you go for an open or enclosed carrier, as there are no inclement weather conditions.  On the other hand, winter has rain, snow, storms, tornadoes, etc. And all these weather conditions impose a great threat over the shipped cars.

●       Fast delivery

Even though summer is considered the peak auto shipping season, surprisingly, shipped loads arrive at their destinations in a very short time frame. That’s attributed to the high number of carriers spread all around the US’s highways. Furthermore, no snow, rain, wind, or change of routes hinders carriers’ paths. So, the possibilities of overdoing your car’s delivery are minor.

Cons of summer car transport 

●       Crowded schedule

When people plan their vacations, students return home, and snowbirds arrive from their long leave, the auto transport market must witness excessive demand, and the number of free carriers of different types becomes small. As a result, securing a car transport order becomes very challenging, and you will have to place your shipping order as early as possible.

●       Very high shipping quotes

Suppose you got lucky and were able to book your car’s transport during summer; there’s no escape from the high shipping quote companies impose. One research has found that car transport quotes could increase to 300$ in summer. However, reliable auto transport companies, like Tempus Logix, always offer reasonable, instant quotes all year round.

Pros of winter car transport 

●       Affordability

Low temperatures and slippery highways aren’t very shipping-friendly. As a matter of fact, in the auto transport market, they call winter the quiet season. Car owners usually get intimidated by the snowed-in highways, rain, and all the weather conditions that might threaten their car’s safety; that’s why they avoid shipping during winter.

As a result, most auto transport companies have empty schedules and fewer carriers on the road. So, they tend to offer very competitive quotes. In addition, some car transport companies offer generous discounts during the winter.

●       Carriers’ availability

When the car transport companies’ schedule gets congested in the summer, they might not be able to meet the client’s different needs, especially if they have a small fleet of carriers. All open or enclosed carriers might be on the road already when you book your car’s shipping order. However, in the winter, most carriers, whether open or enclosed, will be free and ready to haul your vehicle to the next destination as soon as possible.

Cons of winter car transport

●       Delays

The harsh winter weather might result in car transport delays, roads closing, and many long stops during the transport. In addition, the possibility of a truck breakdown in the winter is higher than in any other season. And actually, this kind of obstacle couldn’t be controlled by the auto transport company, no matter how professional. So, you must be prepared for shipping delays.

●       Mechanic issues

Your winter car’s trip, no matter how short, will negatively affect its exterior and interior parts. Cold might result in reduced tire pressure, dead batteries, frozen fluids, metal corrosion, etc., especially if you ship your automobile on an open carrier.

The final judgment 

Both car transport during summer and winter has their advantages and disadvantages. Winter transport is a safe and affordable option if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship your car. However, go for an enclosed trailer to ensure you get the best of this suggestion.

On the other hand, if you want to get your car delivered as soon as possible and not embroil yourself and your car in the winter transport delays and troubles, some extra cash won’t be a problem.

The truth is, the key to a successful, safe car transport has never been the season or the weather. However, it’s all about who you trust. Car transport isn’t an easy process; rather, it’s very complicated and needs a hard-beaten team of drivers, qualified carriers, and a professional auto transport company that supervises all that and ensures you and other clients receive the safest, most convenient car transport service. These standards meet in one reliable auto transport company, Tempus Logix.

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