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Tempus Logix is Servicing More Auction Houses Across the U.S.

Tempus Logix is Servicing More Auction Houses

Tempus Logix, with above eight years of experience, professional customer service, an extensive network of 25.000 carriers, and a long record of over 35.000 successful shipments, has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the auto transport industry.

In auctions, car owners want to show their vehicles at their best and guarantee they arrive at the show without a scratch. For that reason, we offer our services directly to individuals interested in shipping their cars to auction houses and indirectly through contracting with auction houses across the county to handle shipping the vehicles.

Enthusiasts usually gather at auction houses to find a buyer for their car or to meet the car of their dreams. There are many classic and regular car auctions in the U.S., and participants in such events are always on the hunt for a trustworthy auto transport company to safely pick up and deliver their dear vehicles to the next auto transport auction. 

“Transporting a car that’s about to take place in an auction is a great challenge and responsibility because any minor scratch or damage might dramatically decrease a car’s chances. Thus, we ensure that auction houses cars are treated with utmost care and consideration by placing them on the most secure and advanced carriers.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

Auction houses have regular events every now and then, and participants, as a result, will always require a reliable carrier to deliver their cars without moving a bone. And those who repeatedly choose Tempus Logix to be part of their car auction experience will be treated as VIPs.

“Tempus Logix promises its regular, returning clients competitive discounts.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

Despite offering generous discounts, Tempus Logix’s quotes are reasonable, affordable, and completely conform to its high-quality service. Clients, in addition, have various choices regarding the carriers they want to secure their car on.

Tempus Logix’s fleet is comprehensive and has the right carrier for each job; a fleet of open and enclosed trailers, single-car open trailers, and single-car enclosed trailers. There’s always a safe and guaranteed option for any client with any budget, no matter how small. Read about open vs enclosed auto shipping.

Tempus Logix has proven to be a trustworthy, reliable, and professional service provider in all aspects. As a result, its name is now recommended by car owners and auction houses as an outstanding auto transport company. 

“We’re honored to work with hundreds of auction houses across the U.S. And with our fleet expanding and our company witnessing one of its most lucrative phases, we want to take part in all auctions occurring within the American territories. Tempus Logix wants to be a partner in success and be there to serve any car owner in need of a haul in a record time. Our dear clients can rest assured, as we understand how sensitive time might be when it comes to auctions, and we’ve been training our team accordingly on punctuality and commitment to deadlines.”

CEO of Tempus Logix, USA

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