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The Cheapest Season to Ship a Car

The Cheapest Season to Ship a Car

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When you got to do the moving, you got to do it regardless of it being cheaper at different seasons. The car or heavy equipment needs its relocation, then sometimes that’s all it is relevant. Ok, maybe price and timeframe are always pertinent enough as well for you to pick one company over the other.  Before we talk about seasons that make auto transport prices cheaper, allow us to say how Tempus Logix makes the prices at its lowest at all times.

Please consider this approach. To find out whether the price and timeframe are right, you may do multiple quotes with different companies and choose the one that best fits your budget.

We say this with confidence: Tempus Logix offers the most competitive prices for the current market for trucking a car. Not only because we do not go for the high end of a bid, but also because we offer many discounts at different times. It makes it possible for us to say confidently that Tempus Logix offers leading prices for cars or heavy equipment shipping, and the best timeframe in which it happens. To check this, one only needs to do those multiple quotes with different companies to see it for themselves. Everything written here pertains to 365 days in a year. Meaning, prices, and timeframes’ inherent fluctuations, which yield a model price for all the companies, do not affect our standard approach to make it at its lowest. Even at that lowest cost, we keep the highest quality and fastest delivery.

With this said, let us now explore the seasons for cheap car transport.

The first important thing that you may wonder as a customer is how much the price shows its difference during seasons. If the difference is not much, why should anyone wait 2-3 months for the price to drop to move one’s car?

Well, it is about a 10-40% difference in price just considering shipment among various seasons, without factoring in the other conditions mentioned in What Is Cheapest Way to Ship a car.

Auto Transport Seasons

In the auto transport business, seasons are classified not by winter, spring, summer, fall, but by its separate terms:

The season of:

Winter Visitors snowbird season (people who migrate from brisker north to warmer south during early winter (around November) and back again before early summer (around May)). Because of this migration from north to south (vice versa), prices may be higher, but not for the opposite direction from west to east (VV).

The Hottest Months relative to the states: The prices tend to be higher because the demand for auto transport increases, so does the price.

The Coldest Months relative to the states: The prices tend to drop because the demand decreases; thus, the cost becomes cheaper.

To summarize, if you are moving a car or heavy equipment from North to South (VV), the best price that you might get would be either before the snowbird migration or after it.  The price for the hottest months compared to the two seasons mentioned is somewhat higher but not always, especially with Tempus Logix with its great discounts. For the coldest months, prices decrease. However, sometimes it may increase even more than any other season due to adverse climatic conditions that cause route closures. 

Take away

Tempus Logix is always at your service, no matter if it is sunny days, snowy days, or any other days. We will get you the best price possible in the auto transport business throughout its seasons.

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