The Impact of Towing on Your Car: Wear and Tear Considerations

The Impact of Towing on Your Car: Wear and Tear Considerations
Published on June 11, 2024

In the US, car breakdowns are common, especially in the middle of highways and roads. Unfortunately, the majority will struggle and can’t get themselves and their automobile out of the mess, becoming irritable and furious.

Solutions vary, from calling an auto transport company or using a tow dolly to asking for help from another driver on the way, also known as towing. The latest is the most common, affordable, and reasonable, as rope or chain is the only tool required. Nevertheless, this strategy isn’t as simple as it seems; it involves limitless negative impacts, especially on the towing vehicle.

In this article, we will highlight the top critical impacts of car towing, so a driver can consider them the next time they tow a vehicle.

What is Car Towing?

Car towing is pulling a broken car behind another vehicle by attaching it to a chain or rope. Towing has many types that vary based on the car’s state and available options, including recovery towing, off-road towing, trailer towing, etc.  

Does Towing Damage the Car?

Car towing could be lifesaving when a car breaks and there’s no chance of seeking professional assistance. However, this act involves many challenges and dangers, especially on the towing vehicle, and here’s how.

  • It Hurts the Engine

The engine is one of an automobile’s most fundamental parts. But in terms of the towing procedure, it has the most sway. Whether or not the damaged car’s engine is operating while being towed, has an impact.  A dead engine necessitates more towing power from the tower. Nonetheless, towing generally raises the engine’s temperature, which harms and maybe even seals the engine’s components. Thus, the engine’s lifespan will be shortened by towing. To minimize damage possibilities, a driver must turn the car’s engine, the towing rope must be picked carefully, and the towing speed mustn’t be exceeded.

  • Ropes or Chains Might Break

Car towing is a sensitive, complicated process that requires a high level of expertise and consideration. And even what seems to be a simple process, picking the tow tool isn’t as easy. 

An inefficient rope might break in the middle of the process, causing an accident that doesn’t only hurt the towing and the towed vehicles but other cars on the way. An incorrect tow bar will usually result in brake failure and overheated transmission.

  • Inconsiderate Towing Rating

The towing rating is the maximum weight a towing vehicle can safely pull. However, major damages can occur if its driver pulls a weight higher than its capacity. The car’s body may be damaged, the engine will wear out, tires might deflate or even explode, brakes might fail, and the list goes long.

  • More Challenging Breaking

A vehicle has more inertia and momentum when it pulls an additional weight behind it, resulting in excessive wear on the towing vehicle’s brakes. Coming to a complete stop will need more time than usual, increasing the chances of jackknifing, skidding, or an accident.

  • Varied Regulations

Towing rules and regulations aren’t the same in all states in America. Some are a little easy on the matter, while others require additional safety precautions with a safety chain, breakaway breaks, license plates, and insurance. Breaching these laws involves massive fines, again, varied according to the state. So, both drivers involved in the towing process must be familiar with the rules.

The Safer Alternative: Hiring an Auto Transport Company 

Car breaking down in the middle of a highway or similar cases, towing is the inevitable solution. However, some car owners use this risky method to transport their car to a distant location or even another state. In this case, towing isn’t a healthy solution, nor will it benefit the towing and the towed cars. Instead, one must hire an auto transport company. The car will be hauled on an open or enclosed carrier, off the ground, with minimal damage possibility.

An auto transport company must be picked wisely, though, as a bad one might cause more severe damage to the car than a tower can. Tempus Logix is one recommended service provider collaborating with a seasoned group of drivers, an advanced fleet of carriers, and long years of experience. 

It’s licensed and registered; it operates all through the US and has transported over 90,000 vehicles of all types since it entered the auto transport industry. Their instant cost calculator is free; one can order and receive a cost estimation in a minute, and their customer service team is highly collaborative and empathetic. 

The bottom line

The risks and dangers associated with car towing affect the two cars involved, and they are many. However, it will go smoothly if the towing job isn’t very long and the driver follows the safety precautions. Hiring an auto transport company is always the safest option, though.

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