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Top 5 Tips for Car Shipping in Summer

Car Shipping to Kansas

When summer kicks in and beaches and outdoor activities start calling for us to enjoy some summer fun time, there’s no option but to respond. Traveling to a different state to have some quality time away from life’s overwhelming stress and work’s endless overwrought is a must for mental health and well-being.

Whether you will be sunbathing on LA’s beaches, hiking in Maryland, or merely enjoying the mesmerizing nature in New Hampshire, having your dear vehicle will make every vacation easy and stress-free.

Should you drive it to the destination? No, you’re not giving up the comfortable flight with the reclining seats and the airline snacks. Your car will be picked up from your house’s garage and dropped off next to your hotel without rolling a wheel. Hiring an car transport company is the ultimate answer.

However, there is no debate that shipping a car during the summer times might be challenging. So, it would help if you knew these five useful tips for shipping a car in the summer.


Summer is one of the peak seasons in the auto transport market; as students get back to their colleges, sunbirds return to their homes, and people plan their vacations. So, the chances of finding a place for your car on your preferred carrier are few.

As a result, we recommend placing the shipping order as soon as possible, a month ahead, for example. By that, you will secure your vehicle a place on the carrier you want and ensure the company picks it up and drops it off at the exact time you please.  

Go for an Enclosed Trailer

Summer’s heat could be unbearable, especially if you live in Florida, Louisiana, or Texas. High temperatures negatively affect your vehicle’s body, paint, engine, battery, tires, etc. And if your car got exposed to the sun’s heat for a long time throughout the way from point A to point B, the odds of receiving your vehicle with many unconsidered issues are huge.

You can avoid all these unpleasant incidents by staying away from the open trailer; going for an enclosed car transport is the wisest call, as it will shield your vehicle and protect it from searing heat; the carrier driver could also set the carrier temperature according to the weather to provide cars with the safest trip possible.

Be Prepared to Pay More

Even though booking the car shipping service in advance might ensure the auto transport company squeezes your order into its busy schedule, there’s no escape from the cost’s fluctuation.

Auto transport companies keep increasing their shipping fees according to the demand; since it’s the summertime and the demand is excessive, companies will impose additional costs to keep up with the increased, limitless orders and be able to deliver each car to its owner at the required time without compromising the service’s quality. So, stretch your car shipping budget and be ready to pay more. It’s an enjoyable summer vacation tax!

Prepare Your Car 

Not an open nor an enclosed trailer will protect your car if it’s not ready and well-prepared for shipment. So, properly preparing it is necessary for a successful auto transport process. Experts recommend a full mechanical check before the shipment to ensure the car has no issues or leaks. It must operate properly so the carrier driver can easily roll it in and out of the trailer. Remember that shipping a leaking or an inoperable car imposes an additional fee.

Another thing to confirm is the car’s tire pressure; it must be properly inflated to avoid explosion or retraction. Finally, and most importantly, washing your vehicle is crucial whether you hire an open or enclosed carrier. Spotlessly cleaning your car will showcase all its imperfections so you can document its pre-shipping state through pictures and videos.

Most auto transport companies follow an insurance policy that requires car owners to document their car’s state before shipping to compare with the after-the-shipping one and not accuse the company of anything they’re not responsible for.

Read more about How to Prepare Your Car for Shipping.

Hire a Reputable Auto Transport Company

The company to which you assign your car’s shipment job plays a vital role in the quality of the service you and your vehicle will get. So, never settle for a “good” company; keep searching online and asking your friends until you’re matched with the best, most professional company in the market.

Tempus Logix meets all the criteria of a trustworthy company: long years of experience, a seasoned customer service team, an advanced fleet of carriers, and reasonable shipping quotes, and it operates all around the US.

The Bottom Line

Car shipping in the summer needs extra caution and wariness. So, ensure you follow all the tips we put together for you above to guarantee your car a safe and unscathed trip. All five tips are of great importance, but the last one prevails. Once the auto transport company you collaborate with is trustworthy, you can rest assured and enjoy your flight carefreely.

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