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Trailer types for Heavy Equipment

  • RGN trailers: RGN or removable gooseneck trailers are great for carrying long and tall freight. The front detaches, allowing the trailer to be lowered to the ground to create a ramp. For this reason, loads are typically driven onto the trailer, like trucks and other motorized equipment.

·         Semi-Trailers and Drop Decks

Flat top semi-trailers vary from 12 to 14.5 meters long. This makes them ideal to transport large, long, wide or awkwardly shaped freight.

·         Tray Trucks

Tray trucks are small to medium-sized trucks often with drop-side rails for loading ease. These are generally used in business delivery projects, warehousing, steel transportation and transportation of structural items. These trucks’ carrying capacity ranges from 1.7 to 9 tons of weight and are up to 23 feet in length.

·         Tilt Tray Trucks

Tilt tray trucks are basically customized configurations of large tray trucks topped with a specialized flat platform which can be tilted for manageable use. These are often used to carry and move excavators, rollers, tractors, and 20ft containers

·         Hot Shots / Non-Stop Urgent Delivery

We’re unique when it comes to your urgent transportation needs. Our direct / non-stop offering is perfect for clients who need immediate delivery. This service is operated by two or more drivers and so if you have an urgent freight that needs this is the best transport service for you.

  • Boat Trailer: A boat trailer is a trailer designed to launch, retrieve, carry and sometimes store boats.

·         Pilot Cars

We offer pilot cars to assist with oversize loads in accordance with NHVR requirements.