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Auto Transport Trailers: Find Out What Trailer Works Best for Your Vehicle

Auto Transport Trailers

When considering a car shipment, one will be confused with many options, from the auto transport company to hire to the trailer type to rent. With many options on the table and very humble knowledge of the given choices, making a decision would be challenging and time-consuming.

The trailer that will haul a car from point A to point B greatly influences the shipment’s success. That’s why car owners must know all available trailer types to pick the one that most fits their car’s needs.

1. Open Auto Transport Trailers

Open car transport trailers are the most popular type of trailers, as they account for 80% of transport companies’ fleets and provide an average level of protection for a reasonable price.

These trailers are usually light-weighted, fuel economy, and flexible, as they easily accommodate cars of different sizes and weights; a regular open trailer fits 6-8 cars at a time.

However, the only downside of open carriers is leaving the shipped vehicles exposed to external elements, which could be extremely harmful in cases of severe weather conditions or hazardous routes. As a result, open trailers work best for shipments during stable weather and short distances; this trailer is mostly suitable for regular cars. 

2. Enclosed Auto Transport Trailers

Enclosed car transport trailers, on the other hand, are heavy-weighted, hard to maneuver, and fuel-consuming. This type of trailer is mostly bulky and challenging to drive on narrow streets and torturous routes.

Enclosed trailers with a 360 level of protection, temperature control, thick walls, and a roof protecting shipped vehicles from all possible dangers are the best option for high-end and classic cars.

Vehicles inside an enclosed trailer arrive at the end destination without a scratch. This kind of trailer is perfect for luxurious and classic cars and is recommended during extreme weather conditions, hot and cold.

The umbrella terms, open and enclosed auto transport trailers, include many others.

Here’re some:

1. Single vehicle open trailer

Since an open trailer stacks many cars at a time and exposes them to external elements, the chances of collisions are high. However, sometimes, an enclosed carrier isn’t an option, so a single-vehicle open trailer comes to light here.

This kind of trailer is a mini-truck; it’s suitable for car owners looking for privacy for their cars while keeping an average level of protection and an affordable price. 

2. Single vehicle enclosed trailer

Single vehicle trailers also come in an enclosed version; it’s very much similar to the regular enclosed one in the advanced level of protection; however, it differs from it in the number of cars it fits.

A typical enclosed trailer can accommodate up to seven cars comfortably. However, as the name suggests, the single-vehicle enclosed trailer only fits one vehicle. This type of carrier is usually used for classic, collectible, and luxurious cars. Read more about Single Car Enclosed Trailer.

3.  Single-level multi-car trailer (open and enclosed)

For those who don’t want to stack their vehicle under many others and not break the bank renting a single-vehicle trailer, the single-level multi-car trailer comes in handy. This one is very similar to the concept of typical enclosed or open trailers; however, instead of having two levels, it has only one; in other words, it’s a flatbed carrier.

It fits three to four medium-sized vehicles per shipment, so the quote for this trailer is a little more expensive than a regular one.

Read more about Types of Trailers Used for Car Shipping.

But Before Making a Decision, Evaluate the Situation

Each one of the trailer types mentioned above could be functional in specific situations. So, before placing an order for any of them, you have to evaluate your car’s state and the trip that’s about to undertake.

Definitely, a fancy car heading to a distant destination must be secured in the safest carrier and protected from any possible dangers. Here, options are restricted to the enclosed trailer, and depending on the privacy level your car might need, you can choose whether it should be a single-vehicle or multi-level trailer. 

However, if the shipped car is a regular 5-years-old one, the two options, open or enclosed trailer, could be advantageous.

But in all cases, you must pay close attention to the weather conditions before choosing a trailer. Severe sun, heavy snow, or strong tornadoes has tremendous negative effects on all kinds of cars; in such cases, enclosed trailers are the ultimate answer, no matter whether your car is an old dusty one or a luxurious high-end one. 

In the end, it isn’t only about the carrier’s type, open or enclosed, as you also have to pay close attention to the service provider you hire. Your car might get damaged even if secured in a single-vehicle enclosed trailer if the auto transport company you work with isn’t reliable.

So, look for an experienced, reputable, and professional auto transport company seasoned enough to handle your car’s shipment under all circumstances with ease. 

The Bottom Line

Transporting a car is a highly complicated process; it requires advanced carriers and a seasoned driver. So, ensure you get both for your car by getting to know different types of trailers and trustworthy auto transport companies.

Tempus Logix offers all types of vehicle shipping in the U.S., from motorbikes to heavy-duty vehicles like bulldozers and trucks. All trailers are available, and the company’s shipping agents are ready to provide the best service in terms of selecting what works best and how to organize everything.

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