Is a Single Car Enclosed Trailer Worth it?

Is a Single Car Enclosed Trailer Worth it?
Published on October 12, 2022

The auto transport market is becoming more and more sophisticated with time. Companies are constantly improving their strategies and expanding their fleet of trailers and containers to satisfy clients and grant them the service they strive for.

One of the greatest innovations in the auto transport market is the single-car enclosed trailer; it’s the safest and most convenient transport method for those seeking the utmost security and privacy for their automobiles.

What is the single-enclosed trailer, and is it worth it? This article will introduce you to all that in detail.

What is a Single Car Enclosed Trailer?

A single-car enclosed trailer is a huge container, large enough to fit one big car comfortably. The single car enclosed trailer is an advanced innovation of the enclosed trailer we all are familiar with. Experts recommend utilizing this kind of trailer for shipping exotic and classic cars, as it provides an unparalleled level of protection. 

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Why Use a Single Car Enclosed Trailer?


When your car is secured by a four-walls and a roof, there’s no chance for any external element, no matter how tiny, to find its way to it. Furthermore, the single-car enclosed trailer is an effective shipping method all-year round. Your vehicle won’t be affected by the burning sun or the freezing cold during the shipment, as all single-car enclosed trailers are temperature controlled.


Classic or luxurious car owners view their vehicles as cherished and precious belongings. So, they may not be very welcoming to the idea of their car being exposed to the eyes of all passengers along the way. Actually, some car owners even don’t feel good about placing their expensive cars with other cars of different models and types. So, if you belong to this category of people, a single car enclosed trailer is a very advisable option.

More storage spaces

Some auto transport companies allow clients who utilize a single car enclosed trailer to fit some personal belongings alongside the vehicle; this is a great plus to this kind of trailer, especially for those relocating or going for a long vacation; the single car trailer will save much stress and money.

A single-car enclosed trailer is only worth it when

You have a car that is worth its weight in gold

It’s common knowledge that the single car enclosed trailer is more expensive than any other transport method. So, it doesn’t make sense to ship your blown-engine, ten-year-old, outdated car in a single-car trailer. An ordinary enclosed trailer will serve you pretty well in this case, and it’s most affordable.

Using this kind of trailer is advisable in case you have a priceless car, a classic one, for example. Mechanics specialized in collectible cars are scanty. In addition, there are few replacement parts for this kind of car. Luxurious vehicles are worth the cash, as well. You definitely don’t want your forty-thousand-dollar car to be scratched or harmed during the shipment.

You collaborate with a professional transportation company

Even with all the benefits of this kind of trailer in mind, it’s not a magical box. Dealing with a single car enclosed trailer and maneuvering the vehicle that pulls this trailer isn’t easy; in some cases, it’s more challenging than driving an ordinary open or enclosed trailer. So, not any auto transport company will be up to this job. A car shipping company that will transport your car safely has to meet the following criteria:

  1. The FMCSA should license it
  2. It should have many years of experience in the field
  3. It should have advanced single car enclosed trailers
  4. It should provide fair quotes
  5. Its website should have many positive reviews
  6. It should have a professional team of customer care agents

Tempus Logix can offer the most advanced single-car trailers and has already completed many successful shipments for individuals, companies, classic car collectors, and car resellers. The long experience of Tempus Logix has qualified it as an outstanding service provider in the market. 

Prepare your car carefully

Even though your car will be shielded and the possibility of an accident or damage is minor, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Emptying the car’s fuel tank is necessary to reduce the vehicle’s weight as much as possible and reduce accident possibilities.

You should also ensure the car’s battery is fully charged so the driver can roll it into the trailer effortlessly. Locking the doors is optional, as the trailer will be locked and secured, so the theft chances are small. Finally, but most importantly, clean your car and document its pre-shipping state by taking pictures and recording videos. By doing so, you will be able to easily compare the pre-shipping state with the post-shipping one, spot any new damage of any kind, and demand indemnification.

The Bottom Line

A single car enclosed trailer is one of the clients’ safest and most welcoming auto transport methods. Classic and exotic car owners never compromise it for any other, as the protection and security level it provides is unparalleled.

However, even if your car isn’t classic or luxurious, the single-car enclosed trailer would serve you well. Ensure you collaborate with the best auto transport company and prepare your car correctly.

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