When will you need expedited transportation and why?

When will you need expedited transportation and why?
Published on January 16, 2020

You are moving and need to have your car picked up on a certain date?

Already booked with an auto transport company that is not able to guarantee a tight time window or an exact date?

We have an option for you. Expedited shipment is exactly what you are looking for. 

Here are some notices for you if you need to have your car(s) moved on a certain date:

1. Enclosed car transport is the one that we are unable to guarantee an exact date for.  

Our market specialists can guarantee a pick-up during a really short time frame, but, unfortunately, enclosed trailers are something rare and there can simply be no drivers with enclosed trailers in the area on a certain date.

2. If you need your vehicle picked up on the same day of booking, make sure to contact us early in the morning or a day before for us to have some time to work on the shipment and arrange a carrier as soon as possible. So, anyway, the earlier you confirm the booking, the more chances we have to accommodate you.

3. The price to expedite the shipment will be more than the average price. The price raises a little bit to offer more money and to interest more drivers for your shipment. Sometimes they are driving hundreds of miles deadhead for the bounty.

Our professional staff will do their best to schedule the pick-up at the most convenient date and time for you.

Your patience and trust are very appreciated in this situation.

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