Why Enclosed Auto Transport for Exotic Cars

Why Enclosed Auto Transport for Exotic Cars
Published on July 19, 2022

Enclosed auto transport, also known as covered car transport, is the best option for shipping supercars that require extra protection and attention with higher insurance coverage to guarantee the shipped cars’ safety.  

Exotic car owners think about their precious vehicles as an investment since they spend so much money, time, and effort to keep them in the best shape possible. Enclosed auto transport is the best means for transporting exotic cars. It’s a premium car transportation service designed especially for expensive and valuable vehicles; it offers the utmost protection with multiple additional services so the owners won’t have to be concerned about the safety of their cars.

Why is It Important to Choose a Trustworthy Auto Transport Company?

Exotic car transportation isn’t something any shipping company can manage. So, it’s essential to find a dependable transport provider with experience and a superior reputation so they will treat the priceless car carefully and deliver it in the same pre-shipping condition for the right price.

Furthermore, Auto transport for exotic cars requires extra care and experience. Rare car owners must ensure the shipping company is qualified enough to run the transport operation and can handle unforeseen problems.

Moreover, the company must offer an insurance policy to cover any damage during shipping. The insurance allows exotic car owners to ease their minds and stop worrying about the vehicle’s safety all the time.

Why Enclosed Auto Transport for Exotic Cars?

This method is preferred by luxury and high-end cars owners for several reasons:

It is the safest way to transport vehicles

Enclosed auto transport protects against external factors, such as weather conditions, dust, rocks, and other road hazards. Add to this; It also minimizes the chances of shipped vehicles’ theft attempts.

Furthermore, the Enclosed carriers have less space inside the trailer, which helps protect cars inside from unnecessary movements during the journey and keep it in place. In addition, loading and unloading operations are safer using this method in comparison with other shipping types because enclosed trailers are often provided with specialized tools, including hydraulic lifts, to ensure giving low ground clearance cars a secure load.

More privacy

Exotic car owners don’t want their precious vehicles to be exposed to everyone on the street to look at, and they may not feel comfortable with curious people touching their cars or taking photos next to them. Thankfully, Enclosed carriers can significantly help ensure a high level of privacy along the road.  

Premium services

Booking an enclosed transport service offers the utmost safe and secure shipping. Moreover, exotic car owners will get the best attention with direct access to customer service.

Another advantage of enclosed auto transport for exotic cars is the various options shipping companies offer to keep up with the car condition and the transport process, including a GPS tracking system and enabling the client to contact the driver directly or customer service agents available to answer all questions related to the transportation process when needed.

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Enclosed Carriers Types

There are two main types of enclosed carriers depending on the materials used to make the trailer box:

  • Hard-side enclosed carriers: also known as hard-shell carriers, it’s made of durable materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and tin, which makes them the perfect choice when it comes to enclosed auto transport for exotic cars.

Most hard-shell carriers are supplied with hydraulic lifts and can carry about four cars at a time –still, there are one-car enclosed trailers- it provides a higher level of protection so the vehicle will reach its destination exactly as the same status when it was loaded on the trailer.

  • Soft side enclosed carriers: also called soft-shell carriers are cheaper than the former type. The carrier’s top is made of tough materials. The back and front of the trailer box and the sides are resistant canvas, which means it’s not entirely closed like hard-side carriers.

However, it can still be used in auto transport for exotic car operations since the canvas will keep the cars hidden from prying eyes and provide high protection from most external factors, but the car may get dirty during the transport and need to be cleaned.

When choosing a suitable enclosed carrier, it is crucial to make the decision depending on the car’s type, value, ground clearance, and the shipping budget. It’s recommended to go with hard-shell carriers for extremely low ground clearance vehicles and expensive supercars that require the highest level of protection.


Enclosed auto transport for exotic cars is the best solution to ensure the vehicle’s safety and privacy. The most important tip is to choose a reliable company with great experience and decide what type of enclosed carrier best suits the car situation.

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