Best Affordable Motorcycles to Buy in America

Best Affordable Motorcycles to Buy in America
Published on August 29, 2022

Motorcycles are very admirable vehicles that outperform cars for many. Driving one will never fail to make you feel powerful and free. But this magnificent feeling isn’t cheap. Motorcycles could be a big budget and not easy to afford, but if you’ve made up your mind about purchasing a motorcycle without draining your bank account, there’re many ways to do so.

Here’s the complete guide on how to find the best affordable motorcycle in America. 

Best Two Places to Find Cheap Motorcycles?

Local dealerships

Local motorcycle dealerships are the most convenient way to find affordable bikes. They usually have a variety of used motorcycles to select from, and the purchase is usually less risky than a private seller.

Still, not all dealerships are trustworthy; you have to do your homework and conduct comprehensive research on nearby dealerships. Take your time to research their reputation and reliability, and then you can make a rational decision. 


If you’re not keen on roaming the streets and going from one dealership to another, you can shop for affordable motorcycles from the comfort of your home. eBay is a great platform to purchase used or new motorcycles.

Start browsing a motorcycle inventory by specifying your preferences for the bike’s model, color, year, etc. Once you know the kind of motorcycle you’re looking for, filter the given options by location, price, condition, etc. 

And because buying from a private seller is risky, you must take precautions. Review the eBay sellers’ profiles thoroughly by reading the feedback and researching them on Google. 

Tips for Buying the Best Affordable Motorcycles 

Buy a used motorcycle

It’s a fact that used motorcycles are more affordable than new ones, and there are many things to ensure before making the purchase. For example, the tires’ age can dramatically affect the bike’s performance. So, ensure they’re worthy of road use by checking the date stamped on them. Driving a motorcycle with aged tires is dangerous to you, the road, and passengers, so make sure they’re strong enough to handle rides.

Another thing you have to examine is the maintenance record. This record will give you an insight into the bike’s state and if its previous owner has taken good care of it or not. It’s a deal breaker; if the motorcycle doesn’t have a maintenance record, you better call off the deal and look for another bike. 

Keep the insurance in mind

Many buyers only focus on the bike’s price; they don’t consider the insurance and even forget to ask how much it costs. However, motorcycle insurance could be a massive budget, occupying a big part of a motorcycle’s overall cost. 

Many things affect your insurance, including age, state, and the motorcycle’s capacity, value, safety, and theft rating. So, you may fall in love with two motorcycles that cost the same, but the insurance of one is more expensive than the other. 

What’s motorcycle insurance?

A motorcycle’s insurance is similar to automobile insurance, and it would cover your liability if you had an accident that caused bodily injuries or property damages. 

Have a road test

The road test is a non-negotiable part of the deal. You must try the motorcycle and ensure it runs properly and smoothly, and you have to ensure that the engine is easy to start and not noisy. 

Consider the bike’s height as well; you must be able to plant both your feet in the ground for a safe and confident drive. Last but not least, the motorcycle’s weight. Even though a bike will be heavy, you must ensure how the weight is distributed. For example, a bike with a low-down weight is certainly lighter and easier to ride than a top-heavy one. 

How to Ship a Motorcycle?

Once you’ve discovered the bike of your dreams and agreed with the seller on all details, it’s time to deliver your dear new vehicle home. Driving to the seller’s accommodation and picking your new motorcycle up could be a good idea if the seller is in the same region as yours.

However, if the bike you went for is in another state, driving your car would cost you a fortune. So, it would be a good decision if you hire a vehicle shipping company to pick up the bike from the dealer in another state and deliver it to your home.

Motorcycle shipping isn’t as expensive as many people believe. You can save by booking an open trailer instead of an enclosed one. It’s economical and safe, especially if your motorcycle is in good condition. But, make sure you request quotes from many shipping companies, make a cost-benefit analysis, and settle for the most affordable and qualified company. 

Tempus Logix is a reputable auto transport company that offers motorcycle shipping across the United States. The company has an online motorcycle shipping cost calculator where clients can get an accurate cost estimation for shipping their vehicles, including motorcycles.

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The Bottom Line

Finding a bike in a good state for a reasonable price won’t be easy; you have to know how to research and whom to trust. The golden advice is to do extensive research and don’t settle for the first deal a seller offers. Yet, take your time, study your options carefully, and always seek the help of a professional.

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