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Full Guide About Transporting an Exotic Car in the US

Transporting an Exotic Car

Shipping a car can be confusing; there are many preparations to ensure the car’s safety along the road. Moreover, transporting an exotic car is way more complicated since it requires additional care and competence, given the higher quality and performance that a driver must preserve during the shipping process.

Regardless of the reason to transport the vehicle, it is not recommended to drive a supercar, especially a long-distance drive, which may cause severe damage that a car’s owner can avoid easily by hiring a professional auto transport company

What to Look for in an Auto Transport Company?

When considering all the money invested in buying an exotic car, it is intuitive to invest a lot of time researching to find a trustworthy auto transport company with relevant experience.

There are plenty of shipping companies, enough to give the car owners a headache while trying to figure out the best for their needs. Fortunately, an owner can make this decision quickly depending on a few critical factors in the chosen company.

  1. Legal situation: the company must be authorized to operate by the DoT (Department of Transport) and have a valid MC number as proof that they are following safety and insurance regulations set by FMCSA.
  2. Sufficient experience: transporting an exotic car is not the same as shipping other types of vehicles since they are distinguished with superior quality parts, stronger performance, delicate structure, and fancy design. Extra care and professionalism are required to run a smooth shipping operation. Therefore, it is crucial to confirm whether the company has fair, relevant experience or not by checking its track record, which is the best way to verify the successful transport operations. 
  3. Appropriate equipment: due to the exclusiveness of transporting an exotic car, keeping in mind that supercars are better to be shipped using enclosed trailers, the shipping company must provide all necessary equipment and tools to minimize the damage risks and help to deliver the shipped vehicles to its final destination without a hassle. 

Why is Enclosed Auto Transport the Best Method for Transporting an Exotic Car?

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, enclosed transport is the best way to ship exotic cars for the following reasons:

In addition to that, since exotic cars’ ground clearance is usually lower than standard ones, enclosed carriers are supplied with a hydraulic lift to ensure safe loading for low-ground clearance cars, making it the only choice to transport this type of vehicle.   

Read more about the advantages of enclosed auto transport.

What About the Cost of Transporting an Exotic Car?

In the light of the previous details about the shipping method, it is clear that exotic cars need too much care and specialized equipment to perform the transporting task. Therefore, it will cost more than the regular shipping services depending on all other complementary services offered by the transport providers. 

How to Prepare for Transporting an Exotic Car?

Preparing the car before shipping can be equally important to all other operations; it is the first step to ensuring the vehicle will be safe during the journey.

  1. Examine the car: it is necessary to check out the vehicle’s interior and exterior and take notes of all existing damage or scratches. The car owner must be aware of the exact condition to determine if any new damage occurred during shipping.
  2. Empty the exotic car from personal items: all personal belongings must be removed to prevent any possible damage due to the car’s movements during transit. Furthermore, these items will add additional weight resulting in a shipping cost increase.
  3. Get a maintenance check: when transporting an exotic car, the fuel tank is recommended to be a quarter full. It is also vital to check the tire pressure and the battery charging.  


With many factors to consider, transporting an exotic car can never be easy. However, assigning this task to a dependable company will help perform safe and secure shipping for these unique vehicles.

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