How to Buy a Car Online and Have it Delivered?

How to Buy a Car Online and Have it Delivered?
Published on November 3, 2023 at 1:53 pm GMT

Car buying methods have changed over the last decade, and they will continue to evolve in the coming years. Not long ago, it was pretty tricky to buy a car; people had to go and look for the vehicle they wanted to purchase at many car dealers’ shops. However, things aren’t the same anymore. These days, buying a car online and delivering it is as easy as ordering lunch and having it delivered.

How to buy a car online?

Set the budget

The first thing to think about is the money you are willing to pay to get the car. You can determine the budget depending on your needs and annual income; it is recommended not to settle for a vehicle that exceeds the price range to avoid financial problems.

Deciding what type of car to buy

Before deciding on a specific vehicle, ask yourself

  • What is the reason that prompted you to look for a new car?
  • Can’t you use your current one any longer?
  • Are there any particular circumstances like the need for a bigger vehicle that can accommodate all the family members? Or maybe you are just bored of your old car and want to buy a new one?

Whatever the reason is, it will help narrow down the available options to one or two models that can suit your needs.

Start searching online

Now that you have decided on the car model and set your budget, the next step you have to take to buy a car online and have it delivered is to search online. This part is the best one differentiating the new buying method from the previous one.

It is possible to look at innumerable car-selling websites, read tons of reviews, and get as much information before purchasing. You won’t be under any pressure while gathering all this information.

You can spend as much time as you want without a salesperson following you everywhere; on top of that, all the searching is entirely free, which means there are no risks to be worried about if you want to buy a car online and have it delivered. 

Select where to buy the car from

There are plenty of car-selling websites; you have to decide whether to buy the car yourself or get the help of a dealership. This decision has many consequences, so you should make it carefully. First, dealers have vast knowledge about the market and can help you get a great deal. Secondly, they provide a delivery option so you can buy a car online and have it delivered smoothly.

However, it is worth mentioning that dealers don’t own any shipping trucks; they arrange the transportation service with an auto transport company which leads us to the next step to take in your journey to buy a car online and have it delivered, the delivery part!

How to deliver the car you want to buy?

As we mentioned before, there are two choices for buying a car online and delivering it. The first one is to buy from a dealership that may also offer to deliver the car with the help of an auto transporter; the second is to buy it elsewhere and arrange the shipping operation yourself. Regardless of what option you go with, it is essential to know more about auto transport companies and how to choose a reliable one.

Choosing an auto transport company

Finding a trustworthy transport company is not less important than finding a suitable car to buy; transport companies provide car shipping services with two main transportation methods and other complementary services necessary to ensure your car safety.

There are many things to verify before hiring an auto transporter:

  • Ensure they are licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and their MC number is authorized.
  • Read some of their customers’ reviews and check the company’s responses to negative comments.
  • Give their payment options a look-see to confirm if it is suitable for you, be careful of companies that accept only wire transfer payment since this method is challenging to track compared to other options.

With plenty of auto transport companies in the market, it is not easy to choose one, but once done, you can rest assured and provide the company with all information required to ship your car safely, including:

  • Transport method

There are two types of shipping trailers, open trailers and enclosed trailers. Both are appropriate to transport cars. However, enclosed trailers guarantee more protection to the shipped vehicles; it is recommended to use them for luxury and brand new cars. Enclosed auto transport is the only option to ship low ground clearance and newly painted vehicles.

●       Car model

This vital detail can affect the shipping cost; the larger the car, the more costly the shipment.

●       Required insurance

Auto transport companies offer various insurance coverage depending on customers’ needs.


There are many things to consider if you decide to buy a car online and have it delivered, starting with setting your budget and finding an excellent car to buy to the delivery process that requires its fair share of searching time and effort. Therefore, you must think carefully and plan everything.  

Tempus Logix is a reliable and affordable car transportation company with satisfied clients across the United States. The company offers all kinds of auto transportation.

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