How to Buy an Electric Car and Get it Delivered in 2022

How to Buy an Electric Car and Get it Delivered in 2022
Published on September 26, 2022

The auto transport industry is in continuous development. Manufacturing companies stopped limiting their work to building powerful engines and luxurious cars; companies like Tesla, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Nisan, and others have expanded the scope of their visions and started building electric cars.

So, maybe it’s time for you to change from the fuel-powered car and go environment-friendly by purchasing an EV. If you’re considering buying an electric vehicle, there’re many things you must know.

What is an Electric Car?

An electric car or an EV is a normal-looking four-wheeled vehicle. However, an EV runs on electric energy instead of burning fuel to run. Since this kind of car lacks an IC engine and doesn’t produce harmful emissions, it’s eco-friendly. 

The components of an electric car include batteries, electric motors, a battery management system, inverters, and a charge. The advanced technology and complicated components invested in an EV makes it more costly than any other gas-powered car. It’s thousands of dollars more expensive than any traditional car. 

How to Buy an Electric Car

Since EVs are new to the market, finding the right place to purchase one will be tricky. However, the safest way to buy an electric car is from a dealership or an automaker. 

●       Dealership

Since not many sellers are experienced enough to give you good advice and useful recommendations about the best EV, you must conduct a relentless search. Look for the most expert and knowledgeable sellers in the field by checking their reviews and contacting previous clients. 

●       Automaker

The safest way to purchase an EV is by visiting the automakers’ showrooms. Buying a car from an automaker will enable you to test drive the car and get professional advice from experts. 

Get to Know Electric Cars.

●       Charge

Before purchasing an electric car, you must eliminate one of its biggest question marks. How will you charge your EV?

There’re many ways to revive your car and get it to run. For example, you can plug it into one of your household outlets. But this way is mainly useful in short drives, as the household electricity isn’t strong enough to handle such a heavy-duty electric machine and takes a very long time.

However, other people, who drive their cars for long distances daily, prefer to purchase a charging station. But it’s worth noting that charging stations are expensive and don’t work with all-electric vehicles, as each has a special capacity.

Public charging stations are the most affordable and popular way to charge an EV. The charge is reasonable, and the station can charge your car and get it ready for a hundred miles drive in 30 minutes maximum. 

●       Price

Even though an electric car is way more expensive than a normal car, it isn’t costly to maintain, and EVs don’t require as much maintenance work as fuel-powered ones. In addition, powering an electric vehicle is very affordable and budget-friendly whether you buy a charge station or use public charging stations. So, yes, you will pay a fortune for an EV, but you will save more on repair work, oil changes, and fuel.

●       Performance

Since there’s no engine involved, EVs are known for their smooth, quiet, and fast operation. It doesn’t take more than a click, and your electric car will be ready to run. You don’t need to wait for the engine to start or power building; the advanced EV reacts quickly and efficiently. 

But just like the case of an ordinary car, EVs come in different levels of performance. The stronger the performance, the more the price. 

How to Move Your Electric Car Safely?

Even though transporting an electric car isn’t as scary as it seems, you have to deal with it carefully and not expose it to road hazards, wear, and tear, especially if you purchase it from out of state.

Driving a new car for a long distance, no matter fuel-powered or electric, is not safe and might harm your new dear vehicle. So, hiring an car shipping company is the way to go. But, before placing your shipping order, there’re many things to remember.

●       Transporting an electric car isn’t costly

Many people believe the cost of transporting an expensive EV is higher than a fuel-powered car. However, that’s not true. An auto shipping company offers the same quotes for different kinds of electric, hybrid, or gas-powered vehicles.

●       An enclosed carrier is the safest option

Your electric car is a costly investment and will cost you a fortune if it is harmed or scratched during the shipment. So, you better take precautions by hiring an enclosed carrier.

An enclosed carrier will shield your car and keep it secured throughout the trip. No road hazards nor weather conditions will find a way to your car, and a closed carrier is a 360° shelter for your EV.

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●       It needs a professional auto shipping company

Even though the process of shipping an EV doesn’t differ from an ordinary car, you shouldn’t hire a shipping company that has no experience in shipping electric cars. There are strict regulations and special preparations for shipping this kind of car.  

Consider Tempus Logix, as it has been shipping electric and hybrid cars since they emerged in the market.


An electric car is a great investment if you’re considering changing your car. Consider the tips above and look for the electric vehicle that suits your budget and needs.

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